Is Alpha Cum A Superfood

Cum A Superfood
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Cum A Superfood For Fag Boi

Fags Question

Is an Alpha Masters cum a superfood, and also nutritional for faggots?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

The answer to this one is simple, a good sized cum load from a healthy powerful alpha male is nutritious and packed with power. There are many ways to look at this question, lets first understand this chemically. The average cum dump is full of approx 200 proteins, vitamins and minerals, which is amazing. When an Alpha dumps a thick load onto or into a fag, the spiritual lotion begins to interact with the faggots body immediately. The interaction of alpha cum directly onto or into a fag is an invasion of gigantic proportions, overwhelming the weak fags body systems, and forcing it to react to the power of the alpha cum load.   

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Psychological Effect Of Cum The Superfood

Beyond the chemical benefits of cum as a superfood, there is a psychological power that cum has on a fags body. As soon as a alpha cum load lands inside or on the fag, it sees that load on its skin, it feels the deep warmth of a heavy load covering it, it knows the feeling of love and shame as the hot load soaks into its skin, it watch's as the load slides across its cunt hole or face. The simple motion of a Masters load sliding around on a fag body has a mesmerising effect on a faggots mind. The Master chooses where to dump the load on the faggot and that will effect the fags perception of the cum load. For example if the Master dumps a thick cum load over the faggots face and neck, shame and eroticism will be the emotion created. If the Master dumps a thick cum load on the fags boi pussy and lower back, then the fag will feel ownership and restriction, the feeling of being an object owned by the Master. 

Alpha cum is a powerful potent force in the universe and definitely nutritious and recommended for all fags. 

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