London Fag Humiliated

Humiliated by Master Mikey
By Master Mikey

Master Mikey’s true stories....

Dear John

John from London is a fag slut of mine. He asked not to be named, but let's not worry about that part. John is a man in his early 50’s that clearly like young guys, as I got his attention when I was 18 and I have been working him ever since then. John loves to be made powerless, loves to be controlled, loves more than anything to feel the panic of being caught ... But hopes never too actually be caught. His wife is a nursery school teacher and regular church goer.

The below is a specific situation that happened within 2 months of me having met John, and how he went on to become a regular for me. Before the below incident, I had already used John sexually and known that I would be able to take him deeper and deeper, so this was all inevitable for me.

The Situation

One afternoon, I phoned John because I was feeling horny and I asked him to get naked on the floor in his living room while his wife was out, and to leave the front door of his home open in anticipation of a surprise. My plan was to go to his home, walk straight in, tie up John in restraints, fuck him orally and anally on the carpet of his living room, then leave him tied up, covered in cum, within reach of the keys to release himself. I knew that this would blow his mind and take our relationship as effective Master and Faggot to another level. It would tick all the triggers I knew he had, and would definitely turn me on too. The real excitement would be that he would then have to get to his keys before his wife arrived home, untie himself, clear up, possibly hide some mild bruises and wait for his wife to arrive.

John being the obedient fag he was, horny and excited like a schoolboy did exactly as I asked. I got to his home, walked in, undressed and jumped on him. I pressed him hard down into the floor as I forced my tongue into his throat, thrusting my pelvis deep into his hips. I kissed and licked his body like a toy plaything as he lay there powerless. I then used his armpit to make my cock hard, all the while pulling his hair as if I didn't care if it came out at the roots.

I was so rock hard in this frenzied attack that it was painful, I stabbed at his face with my throbbing cock, abusing his mouth and lips like cunt cushions...spitting on him and smearing my thick cock flesh all over his mouth, nose and eyes. 

I then pulled his bum cheeks roughly apart and like a crazed maniac pushed my stabbing cock unlubed, hard up his anal passage. 

He screamed in pain, and as his pain grew louder, my pumping intensified...his yelps made me go harder and faster, I was so hungry to fuck my fag and I cared so little for his wellbeing that I pounded him, and I am sure through his screams I could hear pleasure… but I didn’t really care, I was like a frenzied animal.

Finally, I felt a huge muscular contraction as my cock meat pumped what seemed like a gallon of cum all up his ass, spilling out to cover the tops of his thighs. 

Left to fend for himself

Momentarily spent, I withdrew tired but exhilarated from his body. Buzzing and pumped, I forgot to untie him or give him the keys to continue this freakish game, and simply left him there on the floor tied up, as I left revelling in my performance.

John lay there, hoping I would come back, but I didn't. I had actually forgotten him there, selfish as I was. Fear set in quickly as he realised that I was actually gone.

45 minutes later John's wife came home, fortunately she expected him to be at work, and so she didn't look into the living room and walked straight past John lying silent on the floor.

He lay there as still as possible, sure that his fate was settled if his wife saw him. John was trying not to cry small muffled cries like a baby. Hopeless he shuffled about cum covered, listening to his wife on the phone in the garden.... finally, he rolled himself to the sofa...managed to twist off the restraints I had placed and got himself up. 

Ashamed and covered in cum, he crawled up the stairs still within eyeshot of his wife walking around talking on the phone in the garden. Had she looked around, she would surely have seen him.

Upstairs he sadly cleaned himself, lips bright blue, anal rim stinging and bloody, excitement shot through his body at the close call he had just experienced.... he then called me and told me what I had done. I could hear fear and pain in his voice. A stammer to say, you nearly ruined this for me, a shiver of excitement in his voice clearly evident to me.  

Round 2

I immediately got in the car, drove to his place and knocked on the door, his wife opened the door, I introduced myself as I always do, "Mikey" the junior new starter friend from work, I walked in and started speaking to John. John stood wide-eyed wondering what on earth I was doing at his home, scared I might tell all. Thoughts of his happy home being turned upside down shot through his mind.

His wife invited me to stay for dinner, I accepted. While she cooked for me, I loudly asked John to show me the prized vintage car he kept in his garage. We got to the garage and John was clearly scared, looking across the garden at his home and wife cooking, I knew it was time to make him pay further. So, I looked across at his wife in the kitchen and smiled at her, and as soon as I saw her turn her back, I pushed John down. I then forced John to unzip me below the window line and then swallow my cock. His wife talked to me across the garden from the kitchen, oblivious that John was sucking me off underneath the window line. I smiled cruelly at her, and praised John softly as I made him rim me and eat out my ass for a full 30 minutes, all the while calmly speaking to his wife.

As you can imagine I emptied another big load into John’s throat, and then squarely slapped John across the face. I told him he was a fag bitch, that I would use him for my pleasure forever, and to never allow our relationship to be put under such a risk of ending again. I forced John to beg my forgiveness, and then I made my excuses to his wife and left.... leaving John humiliated, aching and confused. I walked off into the night on route to another of my fags.


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