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Loser Tax
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Loser Tax Must Be Paid

Fags Question

I know I need to pay loser tax because I am a loser, its a fact, but what if I just can't anymore?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

Hey loser faggot, I'm glad you stated your a loser, that is a good start. Loser tax for those that might not know, is a tax levied on stupid cunts, faggots and all other deviant subs that are losers, know they are losers or are reminded that they are losers by their Alphas. Loser tax is most often associated with femdom's that tell subs they need to pay loser tax just to view their content or to show that they are worshipping them. Fags also pay loser tax as a way of showing their place in the hierarchy of men. A loser in life is a faggot that sits at the very bottom of the hierarchy and this kind of lowly fag has usually known its place at the bottom, all its life.

I actively encourage loser tax because I think its a great way for a faggot loser to know for a fact that its a loser and a bottom feeder. The shame of knowing you are being made to pay for just existing, just because you are at the bottom, that is both raw and deliciously subservient. 

Bussy Boi

Loser Tax Is For Life

No matter how long you live, you will always be a loser, and hence the loser tax will always apply to you. You can be old and grey, or you can be broke and incapable, but that loser tax will follow you around for life. So get a second job, sell your clothes, be creative, sell and rent, do whatever you need to do, and pay that loser tax. Each time an Alpha gazes upon you, you will know that its applicable. 


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