Love Being A Fag But Anal Is Too Painful

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Love Being A Fag

Fags Question

I love being a fag but anal is just too painful for me, what can I do?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

The fact that you love being a fag is all I needed to hear. For a fag to acknowledge what it is, that is the start of all good things in the world. Lets start this the right way, your terminology is entirely wrong, you do not have an asshole to be talking about anal, you have a fag pussy, and fag pussy's are meant to be fucked. A fags pussy is designed for the sole purpose of being fucked, but sometimes you have a fag with a broken fag pussy, a dysfunctional pussy that doesn't lubricate itself. You say getting fucked is painful, even though you love being a fag, so therefore your pussy is clearly broken, but do not worry faggot, because there is lots of ways to fix broken pussy's. 

Fag Toys For All That Love Being A Fag

You can use fag toys to slowly but surely open up your broken pussy over time. It will take weeks and months but eventually your fag pussy hole will widen and learn to take bigger and bigger cock, the pain will vanish and you will be able to live out your fag life properly. 

Fag Lubes For All That Love Being A Fag

Fag orientated lubes are another way to get that pussy hole working, and lessen the pain. Fag lubes typically have some form of numbing agent in them, which means when you rub the fag lubes all over your pussy rim, it will relax and numb the pussy ring and hole, meaning you can get to the task of allowing a Master or domme to use that fag pussy as its meant to be. I would always recommend the use of lubes as a quick fix, but also as a way to keep that pussy in good condition long term. A fag needs to think of its Masters long term needs, not just about today and tomorrow. 

Poppers For All That Love Being A Fag

Poppers are a fantastic way to get into the mood of being fucked, and really enjoy that mind bending, pussy numbed feeling of being railed into oblivion as your Master gets his rocks off in you. Always keep a bottle of good poppers close at hand. 

Love Is All You Need

You see faggot, love is all you need, and pain subsides easily if you use the right tools, and keep your mind on the goal, which is always to be a great fag for a Master and to ensure that service and pleasure are at the forefront of your mind. 

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