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Master Of Faggots
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Master Mikey The Fag Master

Do I really need to explain why I am the Master of Faggots and why I wield so much power over faggots, from all around the world? of course I do not, its all very simple. You are a dirty lowly faggot, and you have come looking for a Master and come across me, its fate, faggot. I know your kind; I know you fags very well. Let me show you my powers, let me tell you what you are doing right now…. You faggots are so predictable, you are doing one of the following, right now as you read this,

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Work Faggot

If you are a work faggot then you are sitting at work, or working from home, you have your laptop in front of you, and you are supposed to be working. Your employer thinks you are a productive sales person, business developer, engineer, designer and that you can be trusted to work alone and unsupervised, but actually you cannot because you are a faggot. You spend all the time you can laying back between meetings, and jerking off, fantasizing about the way you want to be treated by me. You dream of me stamping on your face with my Masterful authoritarian boot pressed into your cheeks and neck. Your flesh squirms for me, you ache to feel my big boots squishing your face into a hard floor as you hear the voices of your colleagues on the Teams call you are supposed to be on, and it excites you, your flesh crawls as your tiny faggot cock hardens.

I know you bitch, I know exactly how you skive from work, pretending to be a driven and high-performance individual, but how can you be, when all you dream of is sucking your Masters cock all day long. You dream that you might be pulled away from your web conference Teams calls to have your face pushed down to a big fat cock, which you have to suck under the table. It normal for you, you’re a faggot cunt, nature has decided your fate for you and there is little you can do about it. Nature fixed your condition and I will put your useless flesh to work your purpose here on Earth. I am the enforcer of Faggot purpose.

So let your employer know that you are leaving today, to do God’s work, you are leaving to join the brotherhood of global faggotry, a closely knit sect of broken brothers in arms that know their true purpose is to serve Alpha Masters and go about everyday trying to achieve that aim.

Sofa Faggots

Some of you are sofa faggots that are lying on the sofa, naked and alone, just like the broken fucked up faggots that you are. I can see you and you are alone, laid out like a big fat pig of a faggot, food close at hand, and broken dreams in your head. All you ever wanted was to be a contender, but you never quite got there, you could just never measure up to the bar, because you are an inferior being. So lay there like a pig, lay there like a big fat swollen faggot, knowing that you are weak and that you must serve Alpha males all your rotten life. Lay there on the sofa like a fat bastard faggot, wishing you could get up and serve real men, wishing you could serve those men that run the world, and make things happen, that fuck women and faggots like you. You sofa faggots are a disaster, a heart attack waiting to happen, full of food and stinking of a wasted life. Faggots like you disgust me, because you lay around eating and shitting where you lay, just like a piggy does. Faggots like you should pay me to insult you, because I am wasting my valuable time to insult you, and to remind you of what you really are, worthless faggot cunts.

For all you faggot’s lying around on sofas doing nothing with your lives, know that you are about as useful as the crater you create in the sofa you lie on.

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Family Faggots

Now to the sneaky family fags, yes you faggot’s sitting there reading this know exactly who you are. Family faggots are the ones that have got a partner, got married, typically have kids, but mentally they are still faggots. You family faggots take every chance possible to live the life you want, watching fag porn on websites like and meeting Masters like me to be put in your place, at the bottom of the hierarchy of men. Some of you faggots will be with your children while you scour the pages of websites like mine, relishing all the power and influence that I exert and getting hard sitting there thinking about it. I know for you family faggots, just reading this is turning you on because you are in relationships that can never satisfy your inner needs. You want to be on the floor at my feet, serving, worshipping and being what you are, a lowly dirty faggot cunt.

Cheating Faggots

You have a partner, a man or a woman, but you want to live the life you were really born to live, a life of service at a Master’s feet, a life of service at my feet, at my beckon call, but you are stuck in a relationship. Faggots like you cheat, that is the only way you can live your true nature, is to cheat. All you cheating faggots should own up to your partners and come clean, tell them what you are, and what you need to do, and I suspect that many of your partners will already know your true worthless character and happily accept you that way, but of course some of you will be thrown out of your homes, and that is your penance for not telling the truth. Tell the truth cheating faggots, for it is the only way you can ascend to your true purpose.

King Of Faggots

You see, I know you faggots in all your guises, I know what you are, and how you are, so when I speak you listen. Whether you find me on google or in person, you will know that I am the lord, I am the Master and I am the king of faggots. Some call me Master, but my disciples refer to me with many names, Lord of Faggots and Saviour of Faggots being just a few names. Whichever way you find me, make sure that you reach out and introduce yourself, only when you have done so, will you be blessed by my hand.

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