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The below is a transcript of a hypno session I had with a guy under the guise of being a workplace mental health and phobia therapy session. This dumb moron believes he is going to be treated for phobias and his employer is paying for it. For those of you that want to listen to the live audio, you can click here Evil Brainwash Masked As Phobia Therapy Induction. In this session I am speaking to the "patient" directly.

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Brainwash Preparation In The Clinic

Hi there, how are you, how is your day going, I am getting used to working with all your colleagues, this relationship between my hypnotherapy clinic and your workplace is really doing wonders for mental health, I talk to your co-workers every day and each of them is benefitting by working through their issues and phobias, they really find my hypnotherapy methods to be a revelation in their lives, which makes me really happy, that’s all we want to do. Do you know that I started this practise with that simple goal in mind?  "making working men’s lives better" that was the whole goal, I had watched my father work hard and uncles too, and all had suffered their own issues, but they were all hard workers... good family men, great strong heads of families... each of them .. but they had issues, none could ever reach out for help or talk with professionals, it just was not the “done” thing... so when I qualified, I dedicated my life to fixing this ill of our society... helping to make the mental health of our men better... making their lives better, which eventually leads to an amazing society. OK I am rattling on now aren’t I... haha.

Let’s talk about you, I understand that you want to discuss anxiety, you feel stressed thinking about money, it effects your family life... I see the notes here... children, playgroups... outings... family holidays. I understand... let’s approach this therapy session differently... let’s get you comfortable and into a gentle hypnosis... nothing you cannot control... very gentle... so that we can discuss your issues in a calm positive uninterrupted state. sound good to you? ok excellent.

Ok now I want you to sit back on that couch, it’s very comfortable, don’t worry, all you need to do is lie back and put your feet up …now focus your eyes on that big red clock on the wall... look at the hands... follow the speed of their progress around the clock... tick tock tick tock... round and round... now I want you to imagine you’re in the garden of a very large house... one you have never seen before; it’s got large leaded windows. At the front of the house is a huge entrance and a long garden path, which winds up to the front door... take your first steps into this front garden, avoid the lawn and stay on the path... go on, now I want you to walk towards that door, but as you go towards it, I want you to look around you, stay on the path, but look around, the flowers, the fruit trees, how wonderful , can you smell the apples, and the grapevines on that front wall ... it’s a sunny day.. how nice... can you feel that breeze... it’s really something isn’t it... now keep going, your half way there... the door looks enormous, much larger then you thought it was... such a grand house, and now you can see the door knocker, it’s a huge lions head with the knock handle in the lions mouth, keep walking, when you get there you will pull that knocker and give it a hard knock so the person inside can open the door for you... as you walk you can feel your head relaxing.. your shoulders... sinking... deeper and deeper into your neck, but you keeping walking and the door is getting closer... that knocker is really big... and you are slowing down because you’re getting tired, it feels like you have been walking for ages, it’s getting really tiring for you but keep going, we must knock on that door... step by step, you are nearly there. Keep your eyes on that door…see the brass handle in that lion door knocker, can you imagine how cold it is in your hand, so big and round... ok there we go and you are arriving to the door... now step up slowly onto the step and wrap your hands around the door knocker... well done, now you’re feeling really tired... but muster all your strength and lift that door knocker... go on, you can do it... there you go and now really swing it into that door...

!!! LOUD BANG !!!

Brainwashing In Gentle Hypnotic State

You are now in a brainwash trance, and the trance is deepening second by second, with each word I speak you are falling further and further into a trance... there you go, keep going... you are losing sight of all the light... vanishing into a dot in the distance… light is almost gone, and your trance is really deep... you can no longer see can no longer hear me... and you are now GONE

!!! LOUD BANG !!!

Brainwashed Deep Hypnotic State

Hahahaha ohh you stupid dumb fool... you moronic faggot slave... this relationship with your workplace is going to feed me with so many slaves... and you are another to add to the slave pile......another slave to mind fuck, brainwash and then send out into the world to do my bidding... hahahaha....I have 3 very specific tasks for you faggot, and once you have completed them, you will return to me, and I will take you onboard as a fulltime slave, to live and travel with me around the world.... as my personal man servant.

Faggot Task 1

When you awaken from this brainwash trance you will head to an ATM, or login to your computer and begin to transfer me small but increasing sums, unnoticeable at first you will continue this every day for the next 30 days... each time you get the urge, you will bank transfer cash to the details I give you, and then you will immediately forget you did it...

Faggot Task 2

You will put up a picture of me in your bedroom, you will tape it to the ceiling so that I am the first and last thing that penetrates your mind’s eye every day of your life... you will wait until your partner sleeps to do this, and wake before your partner wakes to remove from the ceiling... again you will do this for 30 days...with each successive day brainwashing you further and further. 

Faggot Task 3

You will speak about the healing power of my hypnotherapy every day in the office, encouraging others to come to me, to seek support in me, to request my services, you will do this every day... You will be my faggot champion, singing songs of praise about my powers and how they heal the sick.

These 3 tasks, repeated over the course of 30 days, reprogram your brain to serve me. At the end of 30 days you will return to me, ready to be wiped clean, at that point your life as you know it will end and all connection will be lost, but you will not care, as you leave it all behind for me... I shall be your everything... nothing else will matter…. only the sound of my voice will sooth you and entice you closer, the words of all others around you will lose meaning and sound like a blur, a noise you simply cannot comprehend...

I will now click my fingers, 5 times... and on the 5th click you will awaken in this room, happy, soothed... feeling refreshed and clear headed... you will remember nothing of the conversation we have had... its embedded deep inside you... you will be guided blindly by the instructions I have embedded inside you.

5 4 3 2 1    !!! CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK !!!

Hey how are you feeling... good... see I told you that it was going to be nice and easy... just a quick gentle hypnosis... people worry so much about these things... but it’s so simple and healing and gentle... no harm can ever come of these methods... that is why they are so successful for me and will be for you too... I understand from our discussion exactly what you need... we don’t need to discuss it now.. you revealed everything to me under hypnosis... and I am going to create a plan for you.. which I want you to come back and discuss in 30 days... my office will contact you... yes that is right... ok well I will see you out... see you in 30 days... have a lovely day.............................................................................................................................................................................................................. hahahaha

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