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I am my Masters fuck hole but I want to be so much more, I have so much more to offer, I have been to university and everything, but all my Master sees is a fuck hole, how do I get more from this relationship?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

There is so much confusion in the question you are asking and let me tell you why. You say that you are your Masters fuck hole, but you want more, and for me, there is an issue with you wanting anything at all. As a fuck hole, your only purpose is to serve, with all your holes, and at any time. A hole doesn't speak back, think or do anything mildly thought based, you are a void, you stupid dumb faggot.

What you have to offer is useful only in what you offer to the Master, no part of that should mean anything to you. You, having gone to university means fuck all, since when did you hear of a fuck hole that talks back.

Fuck Hole Obedience 

In short, there is no you getting more out of the relationship, you are there to serve, so how about you shut the fuck up with your whiney attitude and dumb requests. 

Your Master is right to see you as a fuck hole, and nothing more, because you are a fuck hole and nothing more. 

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