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All the Masters I meet treat me like a Human ATM, but I am not that rich and I do not enjoy being a cashslut as much as they enjoy making me one, what should I do?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

The first thing to note is that if every Master you meet, treats you like a Human ATM, then you are doing something to attract those kinds of Masters. Masters are superior and very often, overly powerful, sometimes so powerful that its detrimental to their own self worth, and if they see a cashslut in you, then they just want to extract from you. Its possible that when they meet you, you give off an air blended weakness and arrogance, a scent that any red blooded male will smell, something that tells him you are a human atm, a cash machine, a little bitch willing to be used and extorted financially. 

I would also speculate that you gave cash to a cashmaster at some point in your life, and they passed your details along to other cashmasters who just want to come and cash rape you. I have heard of cash masters that pass around cash fags details so that all of them can pay rape you fags. Normally these types of cashmasters will be circling around you on payday, towards the end of the month, so you should be able to spot them easily if you want to avoid them, but I don't think you do. 

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Human ATM Question To Itself

The thing you should question, is whether you enjoy being an human ATM more then you let yourself believe. Perhaps you love it more then you think, and this is just your way of getting attention. I know so many faggots that just want attention, in any form they can have it. Sometimes, handing over cash is just a way of being noticed in a world full of faggots willing to do so much more then you. 

Maybe, this is not a question of whether you like being a human atm or not, maybe its just about the facts, and the facts might be that the only thing of worth is YOUR MONEY!

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