Mind Control Domination

Mind Control Domination
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In the right context there is no greater feeling then mind control combined with fag control. However, mind control is not always a pleasurable fantasy or fetish pastime. Malicious mind control does exist and can do you real harm if not taken seriously.

Understanding the Difference in Mind Control

The mind is weak and susceptible to influence, and for this reason the practitioner of the mind control must be in full control of the fag or sub. The first understanding when embarking upon mind control is that the subject, fag , sissy or sub in this game must be a willing participant at some level, in the mind control. There is a huge difference between the willing and the unwilling.

Fag Mind Control Subject

It takes a true Alpha to know the difference between breaking a fag’s mind and controlling him for your pleasure and its, or dealing with a fag that is already broken through mental issues or anxieties and then breaking him permanently. A true Alpha needs his fags to be clear minded and consenting, for they should be able to understand that they are lower beings and that they should bow and give and praise their Master because he deserves it.

In contrast, a mentally broken faggot that is then further manipulated by an Alpha is of no use to anyone. This is a completely unsafe practise. There is no fun in tricking and breaking mentally unstable fags and subs, for they are already broken. Those kinds of fags need to go to doctors and medical professionals to be taken care off by the traditional healthcare systems.

“A strong Alpha Master will find no challenge in breaking the broken. “

The Alpha operates in a world of total control and therefore the fags and subs are always in the care of the Alpha. The Alphas imposing mental dynamics and understanding of power and control, leads to the best outcomes of all parties. The Master is served first and foremost, the fag sub or sissy serve and worship, as nature intended, and all get to continue living healthy lives. To be a servant of an Alpha Master is not a one time event, its a lifetime event. 

The Unique Alpha Mind Control Master

Knowing what to break and how to break it is the difference which sets apart the true Alpha from the Alpha imposter. A true mind control Master, has innate skill which he then combines with a natural tendency to dominate others. The wise and learned Alpha Master will then supplement his knowledge with academic study to deploy better and more creative mind control strategies. The Alpha Master will use techniques to manipulate and persuade through repetition and jarring the fag subjects mind, to make it do things it doesn’t want to do. The Mind control Alpha is always pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

A fag in the hands of a true Mind control Master is in heaven. The Alpha is able to scratch away at the ruffled edges of the faggots mind, to find an entry point, and once this weakness, this entry point is found, the Alpha may enter the fags mind , and the fag will welcome the Master unknowingly. The fag provides consent at every step of the journey towards its ruin. 

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