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Mind Control & Black Magic In The Modern Era

In recent years, mind control has been fetishized, it is a fantasy to imagine being mind fucked, dumbed down to the point that you lose all control and a Master then assumes all control. I have many fags and subs that come to me for exactly that, and I create a slow and regular process of draining their mind of mental capacity. This is the easiest of tasks to achieve as the mind of most people is pliable and open to suggestion and subterfuge.

However, you should be warned that Alpha Mind Control Masters like me can also switch on the malevolent and dark forces. I do not always want to indulge your naïve and juvenile fantasies, so I might call you to me for some gentle mind control, but I may then change my mind and take you fully. I am at once a BDSM Master and a Mind Control Domme and a Warlock. Some of my aims are malicious, when I want them to be.

Mind Control – Harmless or Malicious?

There are so many Masters out there claiming the ability to control minds and most will tell you it’s harmless fun, and it can be for the most part. However, there are some types of mind control which are extreme and malicious and those should only be performed by skilled practitioners of the dark arts. These malicious forms of mind control have been practised through the centuries by witches and warlocks and BDSM Masters around the world. I am one of those Masters that can choose to control you and take your will to do my bidding. I can have you trained like a dumb slave or deliberately create panic and confusion inside your mind. I learnt these skills and practised them in the last years of my university education, I learnt them in my own time and because of my curiosity with BDSM, fetish and the occult. I continue to practise them today.

“I practise the dark and darkest of the black arts“

Mind Controlling Peter the Accountant

Peter was a simple guy, an accountant by trade, a family man, a man of responsibility to his work and his life. He had aims and plans for his future, annual holidays planned with his kids and a quarterly escape with his wife to ensure that he kept his life vibrant and orderly. Everything was going perfectly for Peter, until one day after a discussion with a school friend and some drunken games he came upon my doorstep. He admitted under the influence of alcohol that he had always wanted to experience the feeling of serving like a submissive did. Peter had seen movies with BDSM masters and watched the way they would force fags and subs to dress up and obey commands, and he laughed at how he would love to try those things out as a break from the chores of his daily responsibilities. He didn’t believe that any of it was real, and he suggested that all of those fags and subs were fully conscious of what they were doing, and were completely consenting to what was happening and he being a man of control, wanted to experience the same with his reigns of control wrapped around it. I saw in him then a thinking fag, but still a fag and no more. I saw the potential to make him a disciple to serve me, and I planned it all accordingly. I knew that he was a man of means, and that I would take him under a spell and once enchanted he would be my cash slave, physical slave and mind-controlled monkey to do whatever I needed wherever I needed it done.


The Faggots Spell

After much “reasoned” discussion I asked him to return alone the following week, and to bring with him printed out spreadsheets from work. He arrived on time, 2:30pm and I told him to take a seat. I had prepared the room, slightly colder then normal, slightly darker than it should be, with a vibrant black clock with white hands on the wall opposite a table. The clock shone across the room, cutting the darkness. I asked Peter to sit, and told him we would just discuss first a little about his life because I always wanted to know my clients before I had them put on gimp suits and mouth gags etc… I made him totally comfortable that today he would experience the "sub" life he wanted to see. I told him that I started every “sub learning” session the same way, silence.. and I asked that he listened carefully to the sound of the ticking clock on the wall.

Peter listened, and I said… “SSSShhhhhhhhsh…listen Peter… listen to the silence... have you ever heard a silence like it.. listen carefully.”. the room fell silent… I had a remote stopper for the clock which meant that I could pause its operation, I clicked it. Now it was total silence, Peters eyes widened when the clock had stopped but I gestured his silence further… then I spoke... “the silence is in your mind Peter.. the clock has not stopped.. you have” he thought and before he spoke… I said “Sssshhhhhhsshhhh”

I had him sit there for a full 4 mins of silence... then I spoke, “Now Peter, you will be totally silent, and just listen to my voice, its soothing and calming and occasionally you will hear me tap on the table, and when I tap you will feel the urge to speak, but you will hold that urge.. because what I am about to say next will be so important for you to hear…. “

The Fags Mind Control Spell

I began chanting in a calm , deliberate but forceful voice,

“You are a beautiful soul, a floating simple human life, open to ideas, reasons, the spreadsheets you hold and the life you live… It’s a wonderful life..”

Tap on the table

“You are a unique soul, a floating directed human life, having ideas, requests, the spreadsheets you are looking at and the life you live… It’s a wonderful thing..”

Tap Tap on the table

“You are a unique soul, a floating directed human life, that had ideas, requests, the spreadsheets you are looking at and the life you live… It’s a wonderful thing..”

Tap Tap Tap on the table

“You are a soul, a floating directed life, hearing ideas, requests, the spreadsheets open in front of you and the life you lived… a wonderful thing..”

Tap Tap Tap Tap on the table

“A soul, a floating life, so many ideas, so few requests, the spreadsheets confusing you and any life lived… a thing..”

Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap on the table

“Dark Souls, floating lives, so few ideas, no requests, a single sheet blinding you and life..”

Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap on the table

“Darkness, flittering, no ideas, requestless, blinding numbers and a vanishing light..”

Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap on the table

“Dark, flickering, empty, silence, confusion and a dim light..”

Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap on the table

“All that is left… “

Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap on the table

“…Is MY voice in your head… “

Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap on the table

“Dark, Scared, Empty, Silent, Confused, Black”

Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap on the table

“YOU ARE MINE !!!!  hahaha ”

His eyes staring lifeless into the void between us, his expression shocked and frozen he sat there... I knew I was now inside him. At this point I had him in a deep trance, not only could I now decide to take anything I wanted from him, but I could choose to insert anything I wanted inside him. At this point of the trance, I was metaphorically tracing my footsteps across the soft tissue of his cerebral cortex, and as I did so I could see the outline of my Masterful feet left embedded in the soft tissue….

On this day, in this moment, I decided to take Peter on a journey, a journey from which he would never return. Peter still walks this journey today, a changed man, for the better or the worse? Well that is down to interpretation. I did things to him on that day which still provide me with comforts today, several years later.

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