My Husband Beats Me And I Like It

My Husband Beats Me And I Like It
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My Husband Beats Me And I Like It So Much

Fags Question

My husband beats me and I like it, am I just dumb for liking it?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

You must first realise what you are, a FAGGOT, and all the normal rules of life and relationships go out the window. I will occasionally hear from a woman that she likes to be beaten by her husband in a dominant and submissive way, but this is rare. Also in some relationships its clearly abuse from the husband, however in BDSM fag relationships its far more common to hear it. The number of fags that have told me my husband beats me and I like it so much is large, fags seem to put up with so much more physical abuse. 

Some Fags Love Violent Relationships

Its true, you may not like it, it may not be PC to say it, but its true, some fags love violence, and physical abuse from their Masters, Dommes and owners. Some faggots just like to be thrown around, used and truly abused, not metaphorically, but actually and physically. 

It could be said that so many fags love being beaten by their husbands because male male relationships are simply more violent than normal non fag relationships. A fag relationship / marriage has no softness or femininity, instead it has the ferocity of masculine violence embedded in the relationship, which some fags just enjoy. 

Husband Beats Me Harshly

Some part of loving, enjoying and being sexually excited by being beaten has its origins in a faggots upbringing and surroundings. The fag partner has grown up associating beatings with love and attention, and this malformed connectivity fuses the faggots emotions together. Often the harsher the beating given by the husband, the more joy the faggot gets. 

I could psychoanalyse the faggot mindset all day long, but I instead choose to sit back and observe the faggot creature for what it is, a unique useful beast, to be used and abused for the enjoyment of alpha and real men.

Trying to get to the basis of a faggot relationship where the fag enjoys being beaten is fruitless, and if you find yourself, Master or faggot in this position, then either leave for safer ground, or get beating quickly! 

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