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My names Master Mikey, and if you have been reading this blog in any form so far, you will already know me, but for those of you that have landed on just this page, then firstly welcome and secondly, let me tell you a little about me. I am what is best described as a young, horny, highly successful ultra-dominant Alpha Master. I know you read this and think, well that is a long list of virile statements to follow a young man’s name, and you would be right, and let me tell you that each is deserved. I spend more time than I should online documenting my crazy sexual life and often being on NiteFlirt the phone sex platform to fulfil my natural urges by finding willing victims.

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I am above all else a dominant and powerful Master, and dominance has been a deep and striking marker through my life, and even now at the ripe old age of 22 it plays a role in my life every day.

People throw around the terms Dominant Master as just words, especially on NiteFlirt, almost every other person term themselves as a NiteFlirt Dominant Master, but are they actually? In my life these words have a deep meaning which is derived from my childhood and the formative years of my life when I got to see what having a strong role model meant, and also how certain types of guys and girls could be made to perform for me depending on what I said and did to them. Dominance is everything to a NiteFlirt Dominant Alpha like me, and the moment I saw how my dominance made a faggots legs tremble, I knew I was hooked for life on that feeling. I still remember the first time I told an older dude then myself what he needed to do if he wanted to be on the same side as me, the winning side, in the locker rooms after football practise, and I still remember that scared and adoring look that dude gave me, it was a look that filled me with so much confidence that I told him that he was going to suck my cock, or take a beating and he did, he got on his knees just like the older predator he thought he was, and sucked me off until I chugged a large load into his throat. At this point, I didn’t have any “fag community” understanding, I was just a lone Alpha Wolf experiencing this new awakening in the wilderness on my own… a young Alpha Wolf that was beginning to realise the power I held.

After that first occasion I felt the need to objectify immediately, it came so naturally, so I told it that it was hired to clear my cock pipes whenever I needed it, and it was all very jokey to begin with, but within weeks I was arrogantly telling it that I had a bad day and that it needed to get its old mouth round to the bike sheds and empty my balls into its throat… it thought it was a great fun game, and the old perv probably thought it was taking advantage off me at that age, and I wont mention the age for the sake of encouraging weird old dudes that like to fuck young dudes, but suffice to say, I was younger than this older faggot, but I was clearly in control.

Another crossroads in my evolution to being a NiteFlirt Dominant Master emerged around the 6th week of it being my cocksucker, when it accidently toothed my helmet, which threw me into a rage, and I landed 4 or 5 thick punches to its head knocking it sideways. The look of horror on its face surprised me, and turned me on, so I got down and laid into it even harder, and then I emptied its wallet and walked away. I expected that to be the end of the relationship with this cocksucking older fag, but how wrong I was. I got a call later that night full of apologies, and asking to be seen again and to be allowed to worship me again, and that was the first time I heard the terminology of worship and praise, and I liked it. From this point onwards I would say my dominance and blatant abuse of fags and gay men that I thought were weaker than me took on a new level of attack. I would prey on these weak faggots, searching them out in college halls and public malls alike. I knew a fag when I saw one, so it was easy for me to target and zone in on them once they were in my view. I knew the type of guy that was obviously clearly a faggot for younger guys, it was something in their faggot eyes that gave away that lust for young flesh, and I remember taking them out one by one. In one good afternoon I had 3 different faggot dads suck me off in the mall restrooms, and I was so casual about it that I didn’t even care to wash up my cock, before pushing it arrogantly into the next cunts mouth. I emptied loads that afternoon until I was blowing no more then smoke out the tip of my cock. Oh, those were the early days of faggot hunting.


Niteflirt Rough Dominant Master

Over the last few years. I have made a clear move from dominance to being a Rough Dominant Master, and this is not just in the spoken abruptness or rough approach to each encounter, there is a higher level of “rough” I have been applying to each fag’s interaction. The rougher I get, the harder I find it to stay within the boundaries of sanity, but the more my faggots seem to like what I do to them. For example, a few months ago I asked one of my fags Martin to come over to my company’s warehouse, and I asked the warehouse team to allow me access to a part of the secured storage area we have in there for financial documents. Once Martin got there, he was asked to head over to the secured storage block, and when he arrived, I could hear him shuffling around, because I was hidden away behind a screen. He stood there shouting for me, and I stood in total silence waiting for him to get frustrated and begin walking away. When I knew he was frustrated enough, I switched off the lights of that section, which renders the entire area into total pitch-black darkness, and then as Martin shuffled around asking what was going on, I tipped over a large container of warehouse machine oil towards his feet…hahahaha…. next I heard a series of loud thuds as Martin slipped and fell, slipped and fell, again and again trying to find his feet. I then listened trying not to laugh for a few moments before I stepped out switched on the lights and acted surprised and then annoyed about what a mess Martin had made all over the floor. Martin was still laid out on the floor trying to slide across to his feet when I stopped him, shouted at him, and then reached over to grab his hair and pull him across the floor, he yelped at first, but a good hard slap shut him up, and then I continued to drag him by his hair across the floor. I essentially dragged this dumb faggot out of the spilled oil and onto his feet, which I enjoyed doing, Martin was totally confused and shaken up but knew there was nothing he could do.

What’s the moral of the story I hear you muttering to yourself, well there is a moral to this story which I shall divulge now. The moral of the story is that when you are a Young Rough Dominant Alpha Master, the world is literally at your feet. You can do all manner of wild and wacky physical and mental things to those below you, and absolute power in this form corrupts absolutely. There are almost no limits to the depravity that can take place and no limits to the depths that fags will fall too, below you. A fag’s nature is to please, and if it feels that this can be accomplished by allowing you to beat it, fuck it, abuse it, torture it mentally and physically, then it will allow all those things to happen. As a Young Rough Dominant, I can tell you that this is a slippery area, where the fine line between joyous faggot abuse and downright ugly abuse is very thin indeed.

NiteFlirt Dominant Master For Humiliation

NiteFlirt has allowed me to connect with so many faggots that enjoy abuse and humiliation that I have taken on a new found appreciation for the art of humiliation. I can almost hear some of you audibly cringing, but keep your panties on, this is a niche world we are discussing, and for many sexual adventurers the world of humiliation blackmail and ruin is a playground of emotions and sexual electricity. My dominant nature has allowed me to explore so many of these areas, and when it comes to humiliation and creating the feeling of placing a faggot into the depths of humiliation or generating the pressure that comes with the feeling of ruin, I am an expert in this emotion. My relatively young age does not make me less of a Master, in fact it adds to the allure for most of the faggots that I come across. Most faggots that call me on NiteFlirt or approach with tributes are hungry to serve a Young Dominant Alpha Master that will break them, ruin them, humiliate them beyond their daily restrictions. I use NiteFlirt on a daily basis, logging in and out on most days to check in on the scum that hover about my profile, the pigs that pay me to manage and abuse them, and the faggots that glorify and praise me, shower me with gifts. I love all that attention as any young 22-year-old would, and I will continue enjoying it long into the future.

Clearly dominance and phone sex and physical meetings give me pleasure, and ruling all you underlings gives me even greater pleasure, but ultimately its the power of knowing I can own the mind of another, a faggot, a sub, a twink and all manner of other degenerates that really blows my mind, the power to control, the authority to mould a faggot in any image I desire.. that is what really turns me on. 

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