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NiteFlirt Humiliation For All Of You

NiteFlirt is the perfect place to have a Master like me take care of your humiliation needs. I term them as humiliation needs because some of you faggots really have needs when it comes to being humiliated and degraded and depressed. You are broken fucked up humans, that need to be told how low and worthless you really are, and guess what?  I am the person, the Alpha, the Master that takes great pride in stamping on your ego, your life, your emotions, everything about you that you think is sacred, I take great pleasure in verbally destroying.

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I humiliate you as a gift, it’s my gift to broken subs twinks cunts and fags like you. You are reading this right now because you like the stomach wrenching feeling of being put in your place.

Let’s begin with me shall we! My name is Master Mikey, and I am a 22-year-old, young Alpha Master. Those are big titles I hear your dumb mind thinking, well simply put, it means I live a dominant fetish life. I also happen to work in a high-power finance job, but that truth is for another blog. This post is about how a 22-year Alpha Master like me finds a deep joy in breaking you faggots and subs mentally, using you and doing whatever I want with you.

What is humiliation

Humiliation is that feeling you get when you measure yourself against your friends, they are more intelligent that you, more athletic than you, physically tougher than you…. They drive a faster car then you, they earn more than you, and you just do not compare. Side by side, you live a life of shame and not measuring up. Shame is built into your mind, everything in your life is comparison, and you never manage to excel at anything. You are always on the losing side of the argument which propels your humiliation.


Types Of Humiliation

Humiliation is that moment when your gay fag partner presses you up against the wall of the cubicle in the club, kissing you and touching you and when the fags run his hands to your crotch, there is nothing there, no erection, barely a stub... and he goes down onto the piss covered cubicle floor surprised thinking that he will get you hard and blow your load down his throat, and then he unzips you, your cheeks go red in anticipation of the laughter, which follows shortly thereafter. You go home alone that night as every other night, alone and broken.

Humiliation is that feeling when you first take your clothes off in bed with your new girlfriend and the depth of disappointment in her face when she looks at your cock for the first time is palpable. It’s a crime that she must suffer your physical disabilities... and right there in that moment she inadvertently begins to plot, you’re a “good guy” so perhaps you would be a great boyfriend to take her to dinner and shopping, but she will need a real man to fuck her senseless and make her cum, you know it from that first look she gives you when she stares at your cock… hahaha

Humiliation is when you hand over your wages to a Dominant Master like ME! And then have to spend the rest of the month making excuses about why you cannot pay the rent or buy food for your family. Yes, this happens, fags are that dumb. Degradation is when you send me a message asking if I would send you some money back, and I tell you to fuck off, or if I am feeling really generous, I tell you that it will cost you 40% interest to borrow your own money back hahaha and you agree, what a dumb cunt! Your mind is in continual torment because you need me, you always needed me and once you found me you cannot let go, I am an addiction in your mind, buried so deep inside you. All month you make excuses telling family you were mugged, you were hit with wire fraud, its being investigated, but inside you know I am out somewhere spending that hard earned family cash.

The depths of degradation that I can push you into mean that in some months you are so low on cash for living that you consider selling yourself like a street whore for cash, just to get through the month. You bring that idea to me, telling me things have gotten really bad, and instead of having some sympathy for you, I slap you across the face like an insolent child, warning you not to tell porkies again, and then I take you to a street corner myself and watch you sell yourself. I park my car close by, so that I can keep an eye on the number of curb crawlers you service per hour. I take all the cash at the end of the night and then I slip a $20 bill into your bra like a proper slut, laugh, and then as you turn to get out the car, I slap your ass and tell you to “work it girl”  I just love the sight of your head bobbing up and down in some strangers lap below the window line of a beat up old car, knowing that your being throatfucked by some trailer trash redneck who doesn’t care whether it’s a guy or a gal that’s sucking off his crusty cock as long as he can dump a load in someone’s throat.

A humiliated and degraded feeling is when you are captured by a gang of Alphas on a night out with your fag partner and then you are both dragged into the back of a car, taken to an abandoned warehouse, where you are used one by one, made to watch each being fucked in the bussy until its red raw, and then your fag partner is tied up to watch you being held down and shit on. Yes I mean shit on, Alpha shit, right into your face, logs dropping on you, as piss splashes across your face and mixes with tears, and your partner watches on knowing that you will never recover from this, and that you can never stand up or protect him, knowing that once this is over, if its over, so will you two be. You beg for leniency while being shit on, you beg, in front of the same fag partner that you have been telling you are a cage fighter too, hahahaha the same fag partner that you convinced would be safe in your company because you knew “kung fu” hahaha stupid faggot.

I can humiliate you in so many ways and in so many situations because you need it, and I know you need it. This is all for your benefit, to keep you in check.

Who Wants Humiliation?

The fags that come to me for humiliation come from all backgrounds, every type of man, faggot, and some so-called Alphas that secretly worship at my feet. I see them coming to me from working a hard day’s labour at the building site, and on the other end of the scale, coming out of corporate boardroom meetings where they have spent the day organising their companies. Fags and subs and cock sucking deviants come from every corner of society and from every socioeconomic background, there is no age or race when guessing what a fag is. So many broken fags come to me to be humiliated that I have lost count. I treat each deviant that comes to me to be degraded as a uniquely fucked up beast and I destroy them all equally. If a specific fag wants some additional physical work like being pissed on, that can be arranged too.

Phone Sex Humiliation

Phone sex humiliation is uniquely pleasing to an Alpha Master like me because of the power that it gives me to insult and laugh at weak fags like you. I get to listen to your feeble desires, hear your woeful stories about lives ruined by abuse, and then I get to laugh into your face, and you get to listen to me laughing at you. Destructive you might thing, and it absolutely is, to know that a young Alpha Master like me exists out here in the world with the sole purpose of using you and making fun of your weakness. Life can be a real bitch, and then you meet me 😊

For some phone fun, or to listen to some of my goody bags, click the link below and enjoy, even if you don’t buy, at least browse and enjoy boi.

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