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You guessed right, I am a NiteFlirt Master and definitely one that you should be paying attention to. If you are a fag, sub, twink, femboy or any other deviant form, you should have heard about me by now, and if not, then where the fuck have you been faggot? And which rock did you just crawl out of? Hahaha

I know there are lots of sites boasting Masters Subs Alphas etc on the internet, and it’s a specialised topic which requires some delicate management because it sits on the very edge of acceptable fetish play. The world of Masters like me should not be taboo, but it is, and always will be, mainly because “vanilla” people deem it to be too risqué.  The fact that NiteFlirt accepts and enjoys its small population of Master content creators, makes it a special place for me. Let me tell you a little more about me.

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NiteFlirt Master Mikey

I am 22 years old and I am definitely, truly and absolutely a Master, an Alpha and a complete arrogant fucker at times. I am not ashamed to say that I charge headfirst at life every day in my vanilla life, and succeed on levels that even surprise me. I work in the world of high finance, and that is about all I can say without divulging information that would certainly destroy my privacy. I live and travel between South East Asia and London England, which means that I am almost always travelling between offices, apartments and hotels. This gives me huge amounts of time to create content, and be involved in sexual liaisons around the world. All interactions are chosen by me, or arranged by me, I am hedonistically driven by dominant behaviour sexually and psychologically. I relish the fetish lifestyle which allows me to explore all the deviant sexual practises that I enjoy. Most of all, I love to destroy fags mentally and physically and I enjoy it even more knowing that they love to be destroyed.

NiteFlirt Young Master

I realised very young that being dominant and powerful and forthright was going to be a way to living a successful and sexually fulfilling life. I noticed the way my track coach and basketball coaches looked at me from an early age. I watched how other guys responded to my confidence and often arrogant behaviour in parties and the locker rooms. Early sexual experiences opened me to what was possible when you are truly dominant and powerful. It’s an Alpha energy that exudes me all the time, and betas have always responded to it. You can read more about how I found myself in Finding My Inner Alpha. My young age has been a huge advantage in the world of Alpha Masters, as I have found fags react differently to younger Masters. Fags are more erotically charged by the thought of being held down and fucked by a young Master. I am sure the power play is intense for them, especially as most of them are in their 30s 40s and 50s with a few in their 60s.  It blows their faggots minds when I grab them by the throat, or use them as a punching bag, or simply instruct them to strip off in my apartment and hole themselves open. One fag actually cried as I fucked it in the bussy recently and when I asked it why it was crying, it told me that this was the greatest experience of its life and it was overtaken by emotion. I love that kind of feedback and it boosts me forward knowing that I am on the right path and that I have been chosen to deal with these fucking deviants in the way I choose... my pleasure is in fact their pleasure too.


NiteFlirt The Website

NiteFlirt is an amazing website. It is simple, very quick and in the last 4 years I have used it, never been down for maintenance, which is just amazing. You might wonder why that is so important, well for me, it’s the difference between my faggot fiends connecting with me or not connecting with me. The fact that the website is always up and without issues, means that I can always connect with the faggots I need to connect with. It is the most perfect system for Masters Fags Alphas and other power players to get together. I know the first thing you are thinking is that I am only saying this because I am a NiteFlirt person, I have been on NiteFlirt for many years and hence I must be promoting it for my own gain. Well, you would be wrong stupid faggot! Let me start by putting you straight, dumb fuck! Its true, I have been on NiteFlirt for many years now, but its not the only platform I am on, and I also run my own blog, which you are reading fuck face!

The reason that I think NiteFlirt is so perfect for fags is because it’s simple and straightforward to use.  Never forget that faggots are dumb creatures, so the simpler the system for their use, the more likelihood the dumb fags will use it.

NiteFlirt Masters Rule

That’s about enough Masterly deepthroating in written form, its time to get back to what’s important in life, me dominating and ruining faggots. So, I bid you adieu, and until we meet again, enjoy this site. If you have any sense, which being a faggot you might not, use the search bar in the top left of the site, it’s the quickest way to find the content you want. Just type in the words that excite you and all the most relevant content will appear like magic. I had to create the simplest search function for you dumb fags. Enjoy.