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Welcome NiteFlirt Sissy, you know who you are, don’t pretend and be all coy now, I know you, I see you NiteFlirt Sissy! I have spent enough time on this site as a young Alpha Master to know well enough when I see a Sissy in need of help, training, guidance and acceptance. You know who you are and what you lack, and you will soon see how I am the ultimate resource for you. Being a sissy is not just about putting on women’s clothes, its much more then that sissy boi. To be a sissy you have to acknowledge and be at peace with your feminine side, and for some of you hairy apes, that will not be so easy. I can help you be brave and bold in the face of a scary world, teach you and hold your hand into this new journey that you want to take. You will need to be much more than just a sissy dreamer if you want this to be a reality for you. If you follow my steps and guidance, you can be the greatest NiteFlirt sissy that ever lived.

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Sissy Training

Sissy training is so important that I have dedicated 3 posts to it already and with more in the pipeline. You can read Sissy Training or Sissy Hypno Training, to get a good understanding of the training process and where that can lead. You can also use the search bar at the top left to find a growing library of Sissy training content. Sissification is a life changing process, you cannot just wake up one day and decide that you are a sissy, it’s a feeling, a role and a position in society. You must be prepared for how society will perceive you, your own expectations and what you must give as a sissy. Under my guidance, you will go through stages of sissy training, each designed to prepare you for the next.

Stages for Sissy Training

I use various stages for sissy training, here are some,

Sissy Attitude

A sissy fag must always show the willingness to be a better and more intelligent sissy, and each time it meets men, it should act as a sissy would, be shy and demure until you need to be more, and then be a dirty slutty bitch. Sissy attitude is really important in the presentation of sissyhood and what you want others to see you as. If you are bold and brash, then people will take you to be a bossy slut, but if you are gentle and passive you have the option to present yourself in many more exciting ways. Your sissy attitude will be the basis of how society, Alphas, other men, betas, and women all treat you, you must see yourself as a lady before they will. An Alpha Master will likely want to fuck you regardless, but real women are very discerning about who they allow into “their” society. You will learn to be consciously sissy, and live and act as a sissy, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed.


Sissy Clothing

As far as I am concerned, a sissy must dress appropriately to its age. Of course, we live in a world where you can be a 65-year-old sissy and dress like an 18-year-old slut if you want, but its unlikely to suit you. It would be far more appropriate for you to dress as a middle-aged housewife or old whore slut. Choosing the clothing and fine tuning your appearance to create the sissy you want to be, will be important. For this reason, I would in-person or remotely be involved in that process. I have an eye for what looks good on young and old sissy sluts, and will be the perfect shopping partner in this process. You will of course hand over your credit cards and allow me to take control of that process. I will take the time to understand whether you want to live 24/7 as a sissy slut or simply dabble in the world of sissy on the rare occasion. I have sissy fags that I have trained that are masculine and very overtly male for 364 days a year, but for that one day, they are the prettiest, dirtiest cum drunk slut whore you could ever meet. They use sissy as a form of release, and on that one day a year they want to be fucked senseless, and covered in oppressive alpha seed. I will work with whatever you want out of your Sissification.

Sissy In Public

As a NiteFlirt sissy you will spend your time on phones and cams, so your appearance will matter greatly, but as part of your training you will need to come out into the real world, away from phones and cams, and meet people in most normal circumstances like malls, grocery stores, clubs and gangbangs, so we will practise the art of being a natural sissy woman in public. This will involve day trips out to normal places where you will need to act like a lady, dress appropriately to the situation and not be the overt slut you want to be. There will also be fun outings where you can dress the slut and be the slut.

Sissy Hypno

I use sissy hypno frequently to program weak minds and achieve Sissification faster. Some fags that I work with, actually prefer relinquishing all control and allowing me to hypno mind fuck them, and then embed deep dark desires into their brain. Other fags want a gentler hypnotic transformation into sissyhood, so I can work out the best method. You can read more about my sissy hypno adventures here, Sissy Hypno.

NiteFlirt Sissy Faggot

NiteFlirt sissy faggots are a unique creature, because in my experience they are the fags that cannot or will not have realife fag and sissy experiences, and this can be for many reasons, work, family friends etc. Some deviants can never play out there sissy desires in the real world, and for them, for those fags, NiteFlirt is again a paradise to unveil and unmask their deepest and most sordid desires. They can use NiteFlirt to live out the lives they always wanted but couldn’t.

One of the reasons I love NiteFlirt so much as a platform is the freedom it gives fags and sissys to be everything they want, in the loving and torturous hands of Alpha Masters like me. If you are thinking about fag life or sissy life, then give me a call, let’s talk about life, faggot!!!!

To find more content you like, check out the SEARCH bar at the top left of the website, its amazing, I have fine tuned it so that you start typing your deviant desires and watch as related results appear immediately.  Enjoy NiteFlirt Sissy Fags !!!

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