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Why would you talk to me on NiteFlirt is the first question that your thinking, and I can almost hear you thinking it, well there is not one reason why you would talk to me, there are thousands but let’s discuss a few to start with shall we. In fact, before we discuss why you should talk to me on NiteFlirt, lets discuss what NiteFlirt provides.

Sexy Phone Calls On Niteflirt 24/7

In its simplest form, NiteFlirt provides a safe space for all kinds of fetish and non-fetish individuals to come together and have real human interactions in ways that so many people in 2022 are lacking. Just look around you, think of your journey to work, the train or tube system, the cars in the traffic, the malls, the work cubicle, the zoom call, how often are you actually speaking with people that are not your immediate family on a day-to-day basis? Do you even get to speak with 2 people a day that are not directly connected to you for work or homelife?  I would guess not, and we as humans are built for interaction, we thrive on it, we live for it, and we excel when we get it.

Talking is the basis of laughter, conflict, consolation, reflection and flirtation, and with it we are made better versions of ourselves. It’s the flirtation part that seeds so much creativity and the part that NiteFlirt caters for amazingly. Phone flirtation is as old as the phone itself. We connect and build sensual and sexual relationships over the phone which make our lives better. For many people the simple act of sexting is a form of sexual connection in itself, and another form of sexual expression. Who doesn’t like a bit of phone sexting fun in the early hours 😊

Talk To Me Fags

This is why you should talk to me fags, come and talk to me on NiteFlirt you faggot’s, you know I love to tease and torment, please and abuse you. It’s a love hate relationship which I love having with my fags. You get on the phone with me and realise that there are so many fantasises that you have yet to explore. As a fag, all you think about is submission to a superior Alpha like me, well imagine a superior Alpha Master like me deals with fags from all around the world, every country you can imagine and I get to tease and torment your faggot cocks and learn all your depraved ways, understanding and noting the wild and weird fantasies that you have gained in your life as a faggot. Let me give you an example fag fucker!  I have one faggot that wants to learn to worship my asshole, by being made to eat my asshole in front of its sleeping partner, yes it wants me to tell it how it will quietly lick my asshole out, performing like a proper ass eating faggot while its listening to its fag partner sleeping and snoring within a few feet of us… hahaha what a CUNT! But it’s a dream and a fantasy this fag wants... I can make this come true. Another faggot I have loves to be told to lick public toilets, loves to be instructed to visit public toilets, get naked on its knees in a mall restroom cubicle and then lick the underneath of a dirty public toilet, tasting all the splashback and sweet hardened piss stains…filthy little beast. I have another fag still that loves the idea of licking and worshipping my feet while I chill out watching Netflix and drinking beer on my sofa.

Each faggot comes to me with a different fantasy, and each is more depraved than the one before, but I can cater for your depravity, you fag whores. I just love fags and their broken ways, hence the name of my blog is FAGLIFE, because I document the broken lives and ways of faggots all around the world. I challenge you faggots to talk to me, bring your disgusting ways and desires to my door and watch as I throw you over the orgasmic cliff.

Talk To Me Cucks

Talk to me cucks, because I understand your secret desires, I know how you ache to be made small and useful. Your wives relish you watching as they are fucked senseless by Masters like me, they love it, but I don’t think they realise how much more you love it. Your wife, partner, fag husband lays there being fucked by a Master like me, and they think they got the best part of the deal, but little do they realise that actually you’re enjoying it more then they are… hahahaha stupid fucks.

Talk to me on NiteFlirt and let’s make those cuckold dreams come true. Let me show you situations where you can be made to kneel, cheeks to cheek with your wife or fag husband as I throat fuck them, watch as they gulp and gag on my huge Alpha cock, thrashing their throats, slapping their faces, beating their chins with my massive swinging balls, and then finally pulling out and unloading huge satisfying cum loads directly into your face. Imagine the feeling of humiliation and joy as you sit cheek to cheek with your partner covered in cum, and are then made to lick and clean up the mess from your own face, and the floor, can you handle that level of destruction. Could you stare right into the face of your partner as you lie nose to nose on bed, facing each other, as I plough their asspussy relentlessly, making them scream out of joy and pain, could you watch them cry as I pummel their insides with my hard Alpha steel cock, smashing their comparatively tiny bodies. Would you be there to gently lick their torn and swollen asspussy rims, consoling them as they cry from my fuck beating? As my cuck you would get to watch your partner being fucked, you would get to help your partner being fucked, you would get to spy on your partner being fucked, but all cum roads would lead to you, and you would never be allowed to waste a load, whether it lands on the floor, the wall or your partners broken body, you will clean it with your fingers and tongue... NO Alpha seed is ever wasted. Alpha Seed is the origin source of the universe.  Call me today and talk to me, NiteFlirt is the platform for you to find me and learn what it means to be my cuck.

Talk To Me Sissys

Come on sissy bitches, I know what you need, so do NOT hesitate, call me, talk to me, show me your ways, I am here for you, ready to take you to the edge and dangle you by your clits, by your weak little faggot clits. You want to be seen as a pretty little sissy bitch, well step up you little whore, and watch how I torment your little clit dick after making you dress up real pretty for me. Your first sessions with me are going to be dress up lessons, where I get you used to shaving like a good girl, keeping your cunt nice and tidy, and then dressing the part with pretty lingerie, followed by lessons in acting and behaving like a good little sissy fag… and eventually you will be performing for me with hung Alphas.. allowing yourself to be used for their pleasure, because as a sissy fag that is your main purpose, to provide pleasure to men, sexual pleasure in ways that real women simply never can.  

NiteFlirt Talk To Me 24/7

Talk to me when your ready to cum for a real Alpha Master, when you’re ready to serve a real boss, a real man, who even though I am only 22, will teach you what a real man is. I will have you doing things for me on the phone that will surprise you. You will jerk for me, under my instruction, listening to my voice creating visuals for you in ways that you have never experienced. What’s the point of you sitting there jerking off on your own, when you know full well you should be serving me, so you might as well serve me with some faggot dignity and actually call me and tell me about yourself. I know you’re a stupid dumb fag cunt, but I will try to listen without judgement.

Today is a new day faggot, so pick that phone up and lets get busy. Enjoy fag.

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