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The phone rings, it’s the NiteFlirt phone, yes, I have a dedicated phone for all my NiteFlirt phone sex fags, sissys twinks and femboys. When this phone rings, I know its someone or more appropriately something that needs to be managed, controlled, mind fucked, hypnotised, sissified, feminised or generally jerked off. I love this phone sex game, because it gives me access to the thing I enjoy most, tease and denial, the ultimate control of the human mind. I metaphorically grasp your loins with my claw, and with the flicks and feathers of my fingers I can control your destiny. I am the source of all your pleasure and all your pain, it just depends on what mood I am in, and the way you approach me… hahahaha. Sex talk has power like you have never experienced in your sad fucked up life, its addicting to the mind. Below are some examples of my daily calls. 

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Jerkoff on NiteFlirt

Ring ring ring.. it’s fag 22, I also call fag 22 the “jerk off fag”, it is calling me now, this fag loves to be told exactly what it is and how I am going to use it. Read the transcript below.. notice its all one sided.. this faggot is mine to use.

“Hey jerk off fag, your call timing is perfect because I just felt a twitch in my cock that needs sorting and I was just about to go looking for a dirty faggot asshole, and then you called… hahahaha. Have I ever told you, that you are a filthy fucking animal, but I love you for it, there is not another hole as hungry as yours, as dirty as yours or as deep as yours? You have the most real boi pussy I have ever come across and I love to fuck it, and you love when I fuck it, don’t you? Say it, say you love to have my big thick cock bat buried deep inside your boi twat, deep inside your boi pussy, so deep that you squeeze your belly to stop it pushing through your pussy lining into your belly... and then we would have a real problem, you would be pregnant with my baby... hahahaha. Anyway, that’s enough flirting, I know it turns you on just thinking about it. Focus your mind cunt, on all the things that I would do to you.

Sexy Phone Calls On Niteflirt 24/7

If I was there in front of you, I would breed you and leave you pregnant, lets hold that thought, let’s get to your tasks for the day! First, I want you to put your phone on loudspeaker and put it aside, because this is phone sex you stupid slut, and you need to do what I say, and if I was there in front of you with my thick cock, you would not be allowed to hold a phone, you would be holding my big thick white cock with both your hands. Good bitch, now that the phone is put to the side, and you can hear me loud and clear, now I want you to strip off all your clothes and put them aside as well, good boy, well done slut. It’s time for you to grab your tiny faggot cock and start stroking it for me, go on grab it and stroke that little faggot clit, and then once you have completed 30 cock reps I want you to reach under your bed and pull out that blue dildo, yes the Bad Dragon blue dildo with the alien tentacle, good faggot .. well done, now lick it, lick that alien tentacle cock up and down and all along its veiny shaft. I love when I know you are doing what I told you to do, behaving how I told you to behave, down on the floor, licking a giant alien dildo, in the room on your own, like a dumb slut, and I know your tiny faggot clitty is rock solid, I know your little cunt is wet, my voice is fucking your mind up completely. See what’s happening to you little faggot, this NiteFlirt phone sex is too much for you, blows your mind to hear my voice, to listen to my voice growling and grunting down the phone to you, controlling your behaviour from thousands of miles away, it blows your fucking mind that I have this much control over you, and you know that only I can make you cum.

Phonesex Cum Control

You are only allowed to cum when I allow it, when I tell you that your boi cunt can squirt a bit of useless faggot cum, only then can you squirt for me. Now I want you to stop licking that alien dildo, and pick up the hollow end of it, and push your tiny clitty into it, as though you had a cock worth fucking with. Go on fuck face, pump that dildo, while you listen to me laughing in your face, laughing at you because your soo fucking stupid, you are sitting alone in your apartment fucking a dildo, because I told you to do it… hahahaha… life is brilliant, and you are a true dumb faggot.

Phone Sex Humiliation

Its time for you to stop wasting my time, you know your little cum puddle will not even be worth seeing, so lets get it done, go on, pump that dildo, harder, harder, harder cunt… go on, pump it like its your useless mothers ass… hahahahaha oooo that made you cum didn’t it, you filthy fucking animal, you just cum when I told you it was your mothers asshole, you filthy fucking animal.

That’s enough pleasure for you, now go and clean yourself up, tribute me for the blessing I am in your life, and then shut the fuck up until its time to call me again, cunt! “

As you can see, Jerk fag is a faggot that loves humiliation, and cum control, and anything else I want to throw at it, and I do get to throw a lot. I do cam sessions with it, and phonecall only sessions, and each time jerk fag leaves, all it can think about is being on the phone with me again so it can cum. I know it lives its life thinking about me all the time, and spends a lot of its income on phone sex calls, NiteFlirt goody bags and other treats. It loves the way NiteFlirt works and more importantly then all, that it loves worshipping me and this format works so well for it. I have been on the phone with Jerk fag when its at home, calling from the end of its garden, and when its away from home and calling from hotel rooms. Jerk fags life is positively improved by having phone sex with me. Are you a jerk fag, a cum cunt, a fag that loves to be told what to do, what to say, when to cum?  well you are not alone, there are lots of your faggots out here, so get in line.

Cocksucker Faggot

Ring ring ring.. it’s fag 17, however fag 17 is actually a couple of phone sex faggots that live together. These 2 faggots have the same routine and I love to help them push the limits each time they call me. Every time they phone me for phonesex, the only thing they want, is to be cocksuckers, so one of them will do the sucking and the other will do the fucking, while I get to enjoy a live feed and instruct their needs to suck cocks. I love being on the phone driving them to the edge, training their faggot need to be controlled, I love pushing them to edge and then dangling them over as they ache, dying to cum and release a load, but unable because I won’t allow it. The phonesex gives me so much power and control, these fags are mine to manipulate, and when I force one to suck the others cock really deep and then stay there with its face pressed into the other fag’s belly, throat stuffed with cock, and hold… just hold… that is a beautiful thing, until it gags and gasps for air and pukes out its partners cock, only to look at me, directly into the cam with the most loving adoring look that a faggot could give its Master, I love that.

I normally do a 1-hour phonesex , tease and denial cock sucking session, having one of the faggots just tie the other up and then tease its cock and balls with its mouth and hands. NiteFlirt phonesex works for me because it can almost be anything you want it to be. I can instruct fags, have them tell me their deepest desires, or watch them perform for me, just like real life, as though these weak beings were in front of me. Fags love the experience. I try to end every session with these faggot cocksuckers with a challenge, and that challenge is to see how far they can squirt the cum up the other faggot’s body. I line them both up, ready to take the cumshot, and then edge them some more, getting them really leaking, until their dirty fag thighs are covered in leaking precum, and I force the fag that will take the cumshot to open its mouth and look into the eyes of the fag that will deliver the cumshot and beg, beg for the cum, and this always edges the other fag on to explode in its face…hahaha what a perfect way to finish a session.

Cocksucker faggots love NiteFlirt because it allows them to explore and play in total safety at home, on the phone and the cam, taking cum loads from people all around the world. It may not be the same as taking a full cum load in the face, but with NiteFlirt you can take a load every night and direct a cum load into your throat every day if you want. Phonesex is not about losing the opportunity to get cum loads on your face in real life, it’s about enhancing the whole experience and making sure you are constantly drained of cum, and that your Master, normally me is satisfied with your performances.

Most of the faggots I use, will arrange a real life gangbang fuck session every few weeks if they are lucky, most are only every few months, and some are never in real life, but they will all use phonesex and NiteFlirt Masters like me to get a release every day, so they are building their fantasies safely and emptying their useless sacks at the same time. One of the most important things for cocksucker faggots is practise, and using toys to get all their holes open and gaping, and this is where a phonesex Master like me comes into play, I will encourage and force the use of toys to make you gape, pushing all your limits through verbal encouragement and abuse.

NiteFlirt Phone Sex Is The Best

I meet so many phonesex fags sissys twinks and femboys that I cannot possibly write about them all, and if I started too, then this post would be 100,000 words long and bore you all to death, so I won’t. The variety of uses that people have for their release needs is mind blowing, and I enjoy providing it to them. People use Niteflirt to be hypnotised, mind fucked, degraded, laughed at, instructed, aurally fucked and everything in between, so if you are curious about what it means to be in my grasp, to be managed by me, to be instructed and forced by me to push beyond your limits, then take a chance and give me a call. If you want a gentler introduction, then check out my goody bags.

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Whatever you do to manage your deviant needs in life, give phone sex a chance and get on that phone, it will change your life.

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