No Escape For Fags

No Escape For Fags
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Fags Can Never Escape Me

Come on fags, you know what is in store for you when you approach me. You faggots know exactly how I treat little bitches like you. Most of you cunts will have heard of me, some of you know fellow fags who tell tales about me, some of you would have read about my exploits, and yet, you still want to get up close and personal to the fire of the faggot eater… Master Mikey.  

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Faggot Eater Master Mikey

I consider myself the faggot eater because I devour fags from morning until night. I can smell fags when they approach me, I see them as they walk about their daily lives. I have an internal radar that focuses on the smell of weak submissive faggot men.

Last week I met an older faggot shopping with its wife in the Mall, and you would think by that stage a faggot would have learnt to stay away from Malls, but not this faggot. This faggot was accompanying its wife on a shopping trip and I caught sight of it 50 yards from me, I smelt its weak flesh upwind from me… its submissive nature was on show for all to see as it went about its shopping trip, holding its wife’s bags as she shopped. The wife was in her twenties and just ignoring it, using it as her bag carrier and personal shopper as she went around having it pay for everything. I glanced directly at it, smiled and walked past, I could see it melting as it looked at me, even its wife glanced at me, and I winked back at her. For the next 2 hours in that Mall, I crossed paths with this fag, and eventually it came across and said hi, to which I replied... “you took long enough faggot” and told it that it was to walk away from its wife, and meet me in the Mall car park on level 5, it was shocked by my statement, but I could see it would obey, so I walked off and headed for level 5 without waiting for its reply or agreement. I had commanded this faggot and knew it would come.


Fags Carpark Revelation

I stood on level 5 for maybe 10 mins before this faggot turned up, looking around wondering where I was. I stood against a wall just out of sight of the elevator that brought it up and watched it for a moment. It looked left and right hurriedly, worried and impatient, unsure and nervous, I then shouted to it, “oi fag !!! over here” and it glanced across to where I was standing. It started walking to me sheepishly, and I straightened myself up until it got right up next to me and realised that I was almost a foot taller than it. It looked up at me with sense of worry in its eyes, and asked why I had told it to meet him here and what could it do for me, I just laughed in its face…” what can you do for me? Are you kidding, you stupid faggot, are you fucking joking?  you know exactly what you will do!!” It still looked unsure, as though it was trying to hide what it was, as though I had not seen what it was… so I pulled it in close by the collar and held it next to me, lifting it slightly so that it had to go up on its toes…” now what are you going to do for me, cunt!!”  I asked it, “I am not sure mate!” was the reply, so I slapped it, “Sir!!!!, you will call me Sir, you little cunt, or else I will throw you into the boot of my car which is parked behind you and drive you somewhere quiet and fuck your brains out” I could feel it shaking in its tiny boots, the little faggot was scared, and I loved that fact. I also knew that it wanted this, and needed this more then anything else in its life. I could sense through its fear that it had no intention of running or trying to escape but its fear was palpable, it stunk of fear and excitement which filled my Alpha nostrils…I have felt this feeling many times in life and it never gets old. The fag whimpered in front of me, I pressed it against the wall and then pressed up against it pushing my hard cock against its body, then I laughed as I felt its tiny hard cock twitching in its pants… “hahaha your hard you little faggot, your hard because you know what you are, and you know what I am” and it nodded without saying anything… so I started to grind my hips into it, pressing my big hard cock against its body, the clothes keeping my flesh from rubbing against its flesh, I knew it was loving every second as it moved a little to position my cock over its tiny cock…it moaned as I weighed in over its cock… the pressure of my muscular body and cock pressing it hard into the wall. It was breathless and moaning as it gasped with every push of my hips… and I laughed in its face, while it moaned… “you are a dirty little fucking faggot, aren’t you?” it moaned “ I am sir I am sir, and I will be anything you need to me to be, if you want to use my mouth or my asshole, its all yours…”   hahahaha, I stopped grinding it, and laughed right into its face... “I always knew that, you faggot” then I put my hand in its pocket and pulled out its wallet, reading its address off its driving license aloud….” now I own you and I will call upon you to serve me, whenever I want” and then pushing it aside, I walked away.

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