Non-Sexual Fags

Non-Sexual Fags
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Fags That Lack Lust

This is a post for all those fags out there that have no sex drive whatsoever, which is a total surprise to me as a self-confessed sexual deviant. As far as I am concerned, at 22 years old, most things are about sex, and I know nature intended it this way, so I have no shame about that. The raunchier and sassier the sexual play, the better for me.

However, I have always been aware that everyone has different levels of sexual arousal and sexuality flowing through their veins, and some have none whatsoever. I became more keenly aware of this with the current sub that I am managing. It’s important to state that I am in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at the moment in a company apartment and I have a sub fag that comes round to clean and I was hoping service me too. However, this fag is only interested in being an object, but not for my lusty desires. Now as a Master that understands my faggots, sissys and subs, I know when to push lines and how far a fag will go, and this specific faggot gave me a different vibe from the first time I met him in a coffee shop. If I thought for a moment, I would get the best out of this faggot by pressing him for sex or taking it, I would, but this fag is far more broken then that.

I have a suspicion that this fag may have been abused by Masters in the past, or been in situations which it could not control, and now it has a broken outlook on life or its simply not sexual, which I find hard to believe so I continue to think its broken.

Fag Secret Site

I met this fag through a website which I was given a link to, on a night out. It was quite an unusual situation because a guy walked up to me in the men’s rooms at a bar, and handed me a card, saying that he had watched me in the bar and thought that from the way I held myself, I might be interested in this niche service website… and then he walked off. It was all very cloak and dagger, but when you have spent most of the night drinking you tend to pay very little attention to detail. I took the card home that night and plugged the URL in, it didn’t work, stating that my country was not allowed access, I realised that I was browsing via my company laptop which had a vpn going via the states, so I cut the vpn link and retried locally, it connected. The website was a black site, totally black other than a login prompt which I was able to do with the details provided to me on the card. Once logged in, I was given access to the profiles of local fags and subs willing to serve in all manner of ways. I chose this fag off that site. I assumed this was normal for the country as the rules for all things sexual are far stricter here.


Fags Cleaning Regime

I have a schedule for this faggot, Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays it comes over to the flat and vacuums and cleans the floors, ceilings, kitchen and bathrooms, it spends most of the day there. I generally tell it to dress like a maid which it enjoys. If and when it takes a break and sits down on a seat, I ignore that it’s there and will often take a magazine and a coffee, walk up to it and just sit down on top of it. I have noticed that it seems to enjoy that, and sometimes I can even feel a tiny surprise pressing up against my leg, which I ignore as its laughably small. It never complains or registers any pain, which is semi annoying as I am a little brutish and like to see reactions. For example, last week I left a glass of water spilt on the floor, and when it went to clean it off the floor, I pushed it over and walked off. I will often drop things on the floor in front of it, and a few times I have even had it around cleaning while my friends are around having drinks. I always tell my guests that they must ignore it, as its here to clean and then will serve drinks for the rest of the night, its never complained so far.

I do wonder what pleasure it gets from cleaning, washing and taking care of the household, so for the last few weeks, I have been testing it with leaving more crap lying around, or deliberately allowing it to walk in on me having sex with a male or female partner to see if it flinches which it has not done so far. This fag just lowers its gaze and backs out of the room meekly apologising for its intrusion which always makes me laugh.  It’s the politest faggot I have ever come across. I am not even sure if it’s impressed by my masculinity and sexual prowess, it’s a very silent creature. I guess it must be because it looks for every opportunity to be at my place and worship me. It sends messages 4 or 5 times a week about what it will be doing when it arrives next.

I am now at a point that this fag has become so much a part of my furniture that I often forget its in the room. I often masturbate to porn which catches my attention on the laptop, while its in the room cleaning. These situations are more problematic for me then for the fag really, as I am used to Jon who would be pulled into servicing my cock anytime I wanted, but this one is different.

This is the first time in my short experience of 5 years that I have a fag that is non sexual. I wonder how many more of you non sexual faggots are out there?


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