Obedience To Master Mikey

Obedience To Master Mikey
Master Mikey @ FagLife.com
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Serve Me

I relish your service to me and your obedience. The most important service you can do to show me that you are under my spell, is to lavish me with your focused attention. I want you to cover your mind with Master Mikey and FagLife.com. I want you to paste my banner across your social profiles, and put links to my site FagLife.com, across your social media. Do whatever it takes to show your allegiance to ME.

Obedience Is Not All About Money

You can tribute with your time if not your money. I want to see that you are pointing all your followers and anyone that might follow you, to ME, I will be the fountain of all knowledge and power, and you will direct your attention to ME.

I will track your URLs and I will only be happy when I see you, the faggot army, all pointing profile links to me at FagLife.com

Its very easy to show this level of appreciation, go into your profiles, and put my URL into your profile and then send me a message to tell me that you are one of my army of global fags.

Use Your Social Profiles To Glorify FagLife.com

Twitter FagLife.com Banner

If you use Twitter, then go into your Twitter profile and change your header image for this one below. Simply right click and save the image. Then upload to your Twitter.

Twitter FagLife.com Banner

Tumblr Faglife.com Banner

If you use Tumblr, then go into your Tumblr profiles and change your header image for this one below. Simply right click and save the image. Then upload to your Tumblr.

Tumblr Faglife.com Banner

If there are other socials you use, let me know and I will create graphics and logos for you and send them to you. Join me today. Show everyone that I am your Alpha Master. 

Subscribe To My Mailing List

You must subscribe to my mailing list, because there is no guarantee how long I will decide to be on the social profiles, before I leave them entirely or some archaic censorship model comes in, remember that big brother is always watching you. Your fag life is under threat from the thought police who will one day, tell you what to think and how to think. So, subscribing directly to my mailing list is one of the most important things you will do in your life. It will give you direct access to me without third party intermediaries. DO IT NOW and CLICK HERE!


Daily Visitors

Are you one of the 1000 people that visit my site every day?  Well if you do, you’re in good company faggot, and I want to know, approach me and tell me that you are one of my global fags. It will make my cock hard to receive you. I spend time to blog and curate my experiences because I know that you faggots are reading, bookmarking and sharing my website content widely.

Bookmark FagLife.com

DO IT Fag, Press Ctrl D and get this site bookmarked, it’s important for you and important for your fellow faggots. Make sure you check in regularly, as I blog every day.

Faggot Consciousness

All you fag’s out there in every walk of life need to realise that you’re a part of a global shift in consciousness, from a world where words are policed, to a world where you take ownership of words and own them. Being a fag, owning the words and realising their power in your life is part of my global fag consciousness initiative. Its not a negative thing to believe in your place in the hierarchy, when you can feel it in your heart every day. You see in front of your eyes every day, and know it to be the truth of life. That is fag consciousness awakening in your life.

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