Owned Fag Sissy Preacher

Owned Fag Sissy Preachers
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Owned Faggot Holy Whore

This is another tale of depraved religiosity at work. It involves an owned fag of mine that I named DOG , because giving it a name inversion from what it proclaims it worships was the only right thing to do. This so-called faggot of the holy order spends its days preaching to the local parish congregation of a small English village, its weekends teaching “Lessons from The Gospel” and its nights kneeling before me with its cum hungry mouth open shouting “Please Master Mikey, feed me your holy sacrament.”

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You would not be wrong if you thought this was entirely vile and a massive neglect of pastoral care, however I know that this “Shepard” cares less for it’s flock and more for my Alpha meat than anything else. I first met this preacher faggot at a city conference where it was giving a speech about the role of religion and morality within the modern financial landscape. I watched this faggot on the auditorium pulpit screeching the bollocks he was talking as I stood along the side of the hall staring at it. I caught its eyes several times and knew that it had seen me, and I also knew that I had made an impression because for the rest of the event it was looking to me for answers to the audience questions it was posing. I made a beeline for this preacher after the event as it was doing small group discussions and made sure to get in its view, so that it could clearly see my body shape, jawline and the physical presence that I bore down on it. I could almost feel the tension in the air when I got to the front of the crowd and shook its hands while asking it some questions. The feel of its soft hands told me that this faggot was well manicured and moisturised. I noted that it was wearing lapel badges from several clubs, many of them with signs that looked unusual and interesting, this fag was clearly more then just a preacher.

Godman Lusts After My Alpha Cock

It approached me later in that night after the event at the bar, and asked me if I wanted a drink, this was a sign for me that it had already understood the role it was to play. This faggot cunt holy man would normally be used to being offered seats and drinks wherever it went, treated like royalty, your imminence, your highness, treated with respect and reverence, and yet here it was, offering me a drink... it had realised its place, which worked well for me.

Faithful Sissy Faggot Serves Me

I took the faggot back to my room, where I made it kneel and crawl around the room like a DOG. I then had it clean my shoes and iron my shirts for the rest of the event. I told it that I wanted to watch it cleaning my room and then cleaning my toilet, and then I wanted to look into its face the following day when it was up on the speaker stand knowing it had served me this way. I told it that if it was to serve me well, I may allow it to jerk off which it coyly told me it was not allowed to do because of its vow of celibacy. I laughed into its face harder than I have ever done, before I threw it onto my bed, tore off its pants, and pushed my cock up against its oily moist shithole. I then leant over it… reaching around to grab its cock, which was bolt hard... and I asked it... “well if your celibate, what is this fucking thing? “And it was shocked and ashamed... so I told it that I was going to fuck it, and it nodded with a shy smile… then said… “do you mind if I put my outfit on?” I was intrigued by this request and pulled back… stroking my cock and asking it what it meant… it leapt up and opened its suitcase which was next to the door... pulled out a lingerie set and slipped it on. Now I was fully engaged as this sleek preacher dressed in black lingerie slinked its way over to me... its entire demeanour had changed.


In a sexy voice, it asked “will you show me the way to heaven daddy?” and then walked sexily over to me. I was in no mood for sensuality at this stage, and was so erotically charged from looking at this sissy sexy God man dressed up for me, ready to fuck and be ravaged that I grabbed its hair and pulled it in close to kiss its neck and down to its shoulders. My hands venturing all over it, I slipped in between its cheeks under the tight panties and slid over its dirty unholy shithole… it giggled as I did that. I then pulled out and put that finger in its mouth... having it suck my finger wet, and then I slid it back down and in one move, slipped it right up into the faggot’s divine hole.

Sissy Faggot Raptured

I moved slowly at first sliding in and out, knowing that I was opening this sissy bitch up to be fucked by my thick cock. All the while, this sissy holy whore’s tongue was lashing at my chest and down my abs towards my cock, having positioned itself for me to finger fuck its dirty hole. I sped up and pushed 2 fingers in and before long I yanked it around to my thick cock and lifted it up and onto my helmet... with one hand around its neck pulling down, I slid this preacher whore down onto my thick shaft and just sat it there for a moment as it wheezed with the full feeling of being filled up by me…

I then rag dolled this sissy whore back and forth for a full 35 minutes before exploding into its filthy asshole, and then lying back, exhausted watching the brownish white cum dribbling out of its hole. This was the opening event of what is now several years of me enjoying this sissy preacher man. I have ravaged its holes and made it worship my body in more ways than its congregation could ever imagine it even knowing about. I order it to purchase dresses and lingerie depending on my mood and the location we are to meet. I always get to cum dump inside it, although recently it has a fantasy of me breeding it pregnant which is a distinct possibility with the way I fuck its faithful asshole.

Sissy Preachers Forever

It’s amazing how this preacher is more obedient than my other fags, and therein lies an irony, that these men of God, that spend their days serving the people, will often spend their nights serving a Master like me, a true Alpha Master that knows how to treat these sex objects, use and abuse them and extract from them the faith that they lack. I have watched these men of religion faithfully serve, so I know that they are truly Godmen, and I am their God.

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