Owned Fags – A Sellers Guide

Fag Sellers Guide
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Selling Fags

If you read my guide for buying fags and owning them which you can read here, then you will at some point need this guide for the process of selling faggots safely and quickly. It’s a fact that you will get bored of managing and using fags no matter how much you enjoy it on day 1. Day 1 is always fun with faggots because it performs for you, and shows you all the tricks it can do, but inevitably the faggot wears down in its abilities and enthusiasm. The wear down of the fag can be faster for more brutal masters as the fag’s holes have a limited shelf life before the muscles give out. A fag’s asshole, that has been ravaged daily by multiple men, will loosen, and the muscles will prolapse rendering the fag a useless heap of mess. A worn-out fag can be a chore to deal with, even for the most undiscerning Master.

NOTE: It’s 2021 and this is not a topic for most people’s comfortable reading, but for the unique special millions out there…this is absolutely the right thing to read.

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Reasons To Sell Your Fags

For all the Alphas out there, have you used and abused that faggot, and now its worn and broken, ready to be put on the scrap heap? And now you are just settling with a broken stinky faggot because you have not yet recycled and upscaled to a newer model?  now is the time to clear out the cupboards and dungeons and throw out the old and make space for the new.

You can only fuck the useless faggot so many times, before its worn holes no longer give you any pleasure. There are only so many chores outside of sexual chores that the fag can perform before you get bored of the sight of it around you and your home. At some point, it will just be too much hassle and at that point you must take the plunge and recycle your faggot by selling it onto a new owner.

Another reason to sell fags is when they get addicted to substances like poppers, or meth or some other intoxicant, this is normal in the lifecycle of most fags, but some will go over the edge into an addicted insanity, and this is definitely the time to get rid of them. You want fags that are addicted to you, and addicted to giving to you and worshipping you, but you do not want faggots that are chemically addicted as they will be nothing but trouble for you, so sell them quick.

Selling Fags To Other Alpha Fag Masters

A used up worn-out faggot is no use to you, but another Master may well have a use for it. For example, one of my faggots was anally destroyed and hence I, being a lover of anal play and destruction, was no longer able to enjoy sexual pleasure with that specific faggot, so I sold it on to another Master that would use it for its labour skills, and sent it out to work in the large landscaped gardens he had, and out to work in a job to earn and give that money to the Master. The Master used that fag for another 4 years before dumping it. Personally, I have never had to work a faggot to the bone, because I earn more than enough in my vanilla life, so when I take money from fags, I take just to break those faggots. I do it more because I can.


Preparing Your Owned Fag Slave For Sale.

I suggest that you have your faggot cleaned and shaved and then have a beautician visit to cover any bruises or marks that might be visually apparent as they are always a distraction and issue for prospective new slave owners. You want the prospective slave owners to see your fags in the best light possible so that they can imagine owning and using them for their own purposes, and nothing takes a prospective buyer further from that thought prospect, then a badly damaged, cutup or bruised and torn faggot on display. Take time and pride in presenting and marketing your faggot, it served a purpose for you and it will be used well again by another Master before it is put out of its misery.

Faggots by their nature are usually miserable creatures, so threaten it with a slow and painful death if it fails to smile all through the sale arena and until it arrives at its new owner’s home. If your fag is too broken to smile, simply hood the faggot.

Shipping Owned Fag Slaves

Once a sale is agreed the new owners will want to have their faggot working asap, and if the buyer does not have transport arranged to take his new slaves, then offer a courier pallet service whereby you can load 10 fag slaves per pallet and 10 pallets per 8.5-ton lorry for cross country transport. In some very unique scenarios, you can also arrange air freight but that will require contacts in the freight world that have experience in human traffic and all the cover paperwork required to declare fag slaves through customs borders as anything but faggot slaves.

Old Fags Sold And Ready For New Fags

As you can see the process of selling fags is important to the entire fag slave economy. Fags are a commodity item for Alpha Masters that have the means to purchase and trade in them. It is vital that underused, or overused faggots are disposed of correctly and bartered for others where required. All fag slavers have this unspoken understanding of sharing fag resources through this transparent market mechanism that ensures the right faggots get to the right Alpha Masters and hence the faggots are doing what nature intended, and so are the Alpha Masters.

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