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No Escape For Fags

No Escape For Fags

Fags Can Never Escape Me Come on fags, you know what is in store for you when you approach me.

fag Slave Begs

Fag Slave Begs

Begging Is A Way Of Life All my fag slaves beg at one point or another. It doesn’t matter if…

Fag Slave Testimony Professor M

Fag Slave Testimony

Slave Testimony I, Master Mikey post the testimonies of my faggot slaves, to tell the tales they are unable to…

Fag Slave

Fag Slave

Fag Slaves That Deserve Enslavement You came to me needing a Master, an Alpha that would manage your life. You…

Hypno Fags Doctor

The Alpha Fag Doctor

Once A Fag, Always A Fag Your family have given you one last chance to change your ways. You were…

TGirl With Big Tits

TGirl With Big Tits

Trans Girls With Big Tits As an Alpha Master, there is one thing that really turns me on, even more…

Unowned fags

Unowned Fags

What Are Unowned Fags Unowned fags are fags that identify with the faggot life, know that they are fags, understand…