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Draining Paypigs

Paypig Draining

Paypigs love masters I love paypigs because they are simple and dumb. A paypig needs the most simple care and…

Fart Fags

Fart Fag

Inhaling a Masters farts will blow your mind Some fags are born different, some fags are born special. Fags that…

Spit Fag Fetish

Spit Fetish Fag

So you have a Spit Fetish? Its right that you should fantasize about The Masters saliva because it contains spiritual…

Socks Fetish Faggots

Socks Fetish

Socks Fetish Faggots I know your kind... socks loving fags. Its a dark fetish you have, and you cannot help…

Slapping My Faggot

Slap Fag

Your face was made for slapping There is nothing quite like a good old fashioned slap across the face to…

Sissy Boy Fags

Sissy Fag

Sissy dress to impress There is nothing hotter then a sissy fag dressed up nice and slutty for me. Tight…

Silent Fag Tributes

Silent Tribute

The silence of being ignored You deserve to be ignored because you are insignificant and totally worthless. You are not…

Retweet Fag

Retweet Fag

Even useless fags can retweet for me Your a useless cunt in every way possible, but me being the Master,…

Physically abused faggot

Physical Abuse

You enjoy power, physical power Physical power turns you on because you have always been weak, mentally and physically weak.