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Fags With Tits

Fags With Tits

Why is it that Masters will go for faggots that are fat and unkept, usually with big floppy tits, rather…

Paypig Love

Paypig Love

Hi Master Mikey, I am one of your paypigs and I love giving cash to you, what do you enjoy…

Fag Balls

Fag Balls Destroyed

I love when a Master kicks my balls and stamps on them, most Masters don't want to do it, but…

Fag Bashing

Fag Bashing Is Real

I keep hearing about fag bashing on the internet, and how fags enjoy it, but is that real? As crazy…

Faggot Bussy

Faggot Bussy Broken

I have been fucking one fag for nearly 20 months now, and noticed that its bussy, its cunt, is getting…

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