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Pay pig fags are a topic of constant discussion on the internet. It feels like this fetish niche has increased 10-fold since the start of the pandemic, and maybe that is the general cost of living increase or people just wanting to get paid “passive income”. Let me tell you that I hate the term “passive income”, I consider it the YouTube dickheads term of endearment. Every single useless dickhead that wants to get paid for doing nothing, thinks about passive income, but in reality, there is no such thing, and certainly not in the world of Pay pig fags. With every single pay pig that I have ever encountered there is an exchange of power, an exchange of time and attention and then finally an exchange of money…. But the money is the last part of the equation. A pay pig must see the value in what you are about, and what they will get out of serving you financially. The pay pig must get something for tributing and serving you. I give you my example as the best that I know.

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My pay pigs serve me because they read my blog, or they talk to me on the phone and they know immediately why they should be serving me. There is no question as to why they should serve, and they do. They read my stance on topics and learn a bit about me, hear me telling them why and what and who and then they go off like good little piggies and decide what they will do. No Pay pig was ever forced into being a pay pig, each pay pig makes that decision for itself, it knows what’s best for it, and which Masters or Femdoms to follow.

Now, let me tell you a few of the many Pay pig scenarios which I have encountered.

Pay Pig Marcus

Pay pig Marcus just loves to serve, it’s an obedient little pig that works for a film production company where presumably it gets told what to do and where to do it all day long. At the end of a long day ever few weeks, typically around 10pm, I get the mgs that it wants to talk, and then we are speaking for approx. 1 hour each time. I listen to what it’s been doing, all the issues that its overcome, pat its back in terms of how amazing it is, and then I tell it to remind itself that its not fucking Steven Spielberg, stop talking shit, log into its bank and make some transfers.

This pay pig appreciates being told what it is, not having hot air blown up its ass. Marcus is an everyday man, and my job with this pay pig is to keep it grounded and remind it of its place, because Marcus has a tendency to get above itself and start to imagine all sorts of nonsense. Sometimes I will arrange a call with Marcus or a visit if I am in town, and Marcus loves the idea of being walked to ATMs for cash drains. I never take Marcus to an ATM for less than $300 because I consider that a waste of my time. I sometimes argue with Marcus because it can get above itself and think it is right, but its my patience to intellectually batter its mind back into its rightful place at my feet and then physically batter its wallet that always puts it right. Marcus is a intelligent guy, but at the core of this faggot is a need to be overseen, it likes when I overpower it, and I being the overpowering and overbearing Master, I love to take control of this pay pig.

Pay Pig Steve

Pay pig Steve is married with grown up children in their 20’s, Steve’s wife has a long-term illness, not an actual illness, just that she got old and grumpy and her desire for life dried up like her cunt. So, Steve has lots of time on his hands, and wants to explore lots of new things. I met Steve online a few years ago, and he has wanted to grow his depth of understanding more and more and pays for my time to teach him. We have a teacher student relationship, except that I am a Master that likes to fuck HIS students and Steve is the student that likes to suck cock, every day if he could. When Steve was growing up, these things were illegal and he was not part of the in-crowd at university in the 1960s, so he is now trying to make up for lost time. I have always been clear to Steve, that to me, he is the definition of a pay pig, which is to say that I will teach him for money, and that he will pay for my time and my cock. Every time I meet him in the car, he knows that he will get to suck my cock, and he comes prepared with $100, I give him the full treatment of making him feel like a whore. I pick Steve up at a bus stop and take him to an alleyway or abandoned office carpark where I will unzip and then whistle at him like a whore while pointing down at my crotch. Steve is comfortable that he gets to live this secret life of worshipping me while having a family. I am comfortable that I can give purpose to a faggot and its mouth, and take its money at the same time. I have often sent pictures of my cock to it, coupled with the message “Daddy’s cock needs worshipping Pay Pig” and he, being a daddy gets off on calling me a daddy when I am a quarter of his age. For me this is a long-term rinse relationship, where I expect Steve to tribute me for years to come. Sometimes I just message Steve to tell him to send, and within minutes I hear a ping telling me that money has come in. A few months ago, Steve messaged me telling me that he needed to have a break, to which I replied “no you don’t CUNT!, now pay up” and next thing I know I heard a ping with the right amount come in.  Pay pigs that are trained well know their place, so l always show them the size of their pig pen, and then let them roam free inside it.  

Pay Pig Michael

Pay pig Michael is a 22-year-old city worker, works in the city by day, works the gay bars at night, loves to get fucked in the asspussy, which I tell him is his CUNT. Michael just wants to be in the company of men like me, and he will pay to be in it. Me and Michael have weekly conference calls where we discuss all sorts of things, it’s a very banter-based convo as we are both the same age, but he knows that I have achieved so much more than him, so he pays for the privilege of being in my company, even if it’s only online. I advise him and tell him what he should be doing, and what he is doing wrong, there is almost always more things that he is doing wrong than right in his work life and his personal life, so I really act as a Master and a personal mentor to him. It’s a very wholesome relationship where under different circumstances he wouldn’t even consider himself a pay pig, but I make sure that he knows he is a pay pig and I often send him messages with pig faces in them. He has settled with the terminology, but it’s taken him time to get comfortable with what he is.

I have on several occasions told him to turn on the webcam when he has brought home a willing fag to fuck, and then watched as they top him, ruining his tight little cunt. He cries like a bitch every time he is fucked in the asspussy, even though that is the correct thing for a faggot like him. The last set of tributes this paypig made were eight $100 transfers and a bitcoin transfer which was some feeble $0.0154235456 transfer because he had some bitcoin in a wallet that he was no longer interested in using. I can see that he is hooked and I will serve as advisor to him for the rest of his life. I look forward to him getting into relationships and living a normal life in the future, where I will be able to exert all sorts of control from the shadowy background.

Michael is the perfect pay pig for me as his needs will change over time, but I can see the strength of relationship that is in place to secure my role as Master in his life, for the rest of his life. It’s a perfectly pleasurable 2-way relationship where both parties are getting what they deserve.


Pay Pig Sandra

Lastly for this post, let me tell you about Pay pig Sandra who is the one you did not expect. Yes, a female pay pig. The internet would have you believe that all pay pigs are men, but they are not. Sandra is an unhappily married wife in her 40s who loves to talk. Her and I have a purely online relationship where I make her cum and she follows all the instructions I give her, which include tributing regularly. I tell this little pig slut that she must oink whenever she addresses me, and that she must always do whatever I tell her. I get to see her on cams once a week at best, and when I have her on cam, she is willing to do whatever I tell her, which I have tested to its limits. I have had this pig slut do all sorts, some examples are, fuck her asshole with a bed post, finger her ass and then lick her fingers, finger her asshole after taking a shit and then lick her fingers, film herself shaving her cunt and then post the video to a porn site, film herself getting fucked by her husband and then post it to Pornhub, and so many other devilish tasks. She wants to live a secret life and will happily keep paying me to do it with her. I will absolutely manage her and strip her off cash for as long as it makes sense, but I do believe that one of these days this pay pig will get caught fucking around with me and end up ruining her life. I have told her to stop making such large payments to me, but it seems that is another of her ways of getting off, knowing that she is getting her husband to fund her Masters life, it turns her on, and sometimes she tells me that she fingers herself to sleep just thinking about me spending her mans money, and her giving his money away.

Now some of you might wonder whether I have a conscience and how can I sleep at night knowing that some of these pay pigs are ruining their lives. The answer is simple, I have a conscience and morals, and above all else I live and let live, which to me means allowing nature to take its path. If a person is taking a specific route, then it was decided so, and if I am the person through which all this madness will happen, then so be it, if I am to be the vessel of change for some of these piggie's, then I will carry this role with pride. Each of us must live knowing that we chose our own paths, and come what may we suffered our mistakes and revelled in our victories.

So as a last thought, come all you pay pigs and rejoice in ME, Master Mikey, Lord of Fags, Master of Men, King amongst Alphas, show me your willingness to serve and I shall show you the truth.

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