Paypig Cashcunt Edged And Ruined

Paypig Cashcunt
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Cashcunt Edged And Ruined

Paypig cashcunt is an evocative title? That’s right, because some faggots are only worth the cash they carry. The below is one of my real interactions with a faggot I know and use regularly. Read and enjoy fags!

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You are one of those dirty cunt’s, aren’t you? You are one of those worthless fucking faggot cunts that just love to be abused by younger hotter guys. You’re jerking off right now, just listening to my voice... got your little piggy trotters wrapped around your tiny cock, haven’t you? Tell me... I know you have faggot. Well I give you permission to jerk off cunt, in fact I would love to watch you jerking off for me, as long as you are jerking off for me, and only for me, I want you to imagine being a big bad Alpha guy that has the balls to fuck what he wants and take what he wants... obviously, that is not you, no you’re a weak faggot cunt that no one wants, I am talking about pretending to be an Alpha male, someone that takes from the world whatever he wants and whenever he wants, because he can. Just for a moment imagine being that powerful, taking what you want… now wrap a bunch of dollar bills around your cock… sit right back for me, open your legs up wide… imagine me right in front of you, one hand wrapped around your throat… the other forcing you to wrap dollar bills around your cock…your dying to serve me... well serve… start stroking off with those bills wrapped around your cock… and when I tell you to stop you pause and take out one of those 20 dollar bills and pop it into my pocket… go on cunt.. you’re a worthless paypig and you should tribute me… so tuck it in my pocket and then carry on stroking… feel those bills wrapped tight around your peepee.. hahahaha all you can do it stroke… I’m staring right into you … your scared and are struggling to get hard for me... I’m now laughing at how feeble you are, cunt.

Paypig Cashcunt Keep Stroking

Keep stroking ... I love watching you jerk that maggot for me, and you love the way I stare into you, judging you, messing with your head, you dream of me touching that cock…you dream that I might show some interest in that tiny little cockle of yours…but you know what I am , and you know that if I take out my huge big fat cock and lay it across your lap it will make you cry, weep loudly as my cock log lays across your tiny peepee, showing you what a Real mans cock looks like, what damage this cock could do to your asspussy and guts, I would smash your guts up with this cock, send you straight to hospital, and you would love every second of it. You adore the idea of me being your Master and controlling everything you do, and you worshipping and tributing everything to me, well you can... go on send another tribute... reach in your pocket and take out another tribute... or touch your laptop and send for me... go on, press send cunt, and make me pay attention to you, you know your cash is the only thing will get my attention, your tiny cock certainly won’t… hahahaha reach in and press send. There we go boi, now carry on stroking, and remember your not allowed to cum unless I tell you, so if you feel the rush of cum, you stop... and if I see precum, I am going to laugh at you and if I see more, I am going to stab my tiniest last finger into your peehole and cause a back explosion in your balls... understood... go on say you understand… say it... well done boi... keep stroking up and down, up and down and sooner or later you will succumb to me.. every time you feel the need to cum... you stop and you PAY ME CUNT... you fucking filthy animal, you pay for the privilege of being stimulated by a GOD like me... hahahaha you fucking pay you shit stain… now keep stroking... cockroaches like you need to learn where in the food chain you exist... hahahaha… back and forth you go .. .and that need to really let that cum out is building, I know it is… well you want to know the extent and power of a GOD?  Here we go… STOP STOP STOP… you are not going to cum this time… if you have a cock cage… cage your cock right now... if not… put a sock over your cock and tape the sock... you are not cumming today.

Fuck Off Paypig Cashcunt

Now go and tribute me, and depending on the size of the tribute, I will message you with the next instruction… hahahaha go on do it.. and yes, you message me and I will tell you what you are going to do next…. Maybe I allow you to cum... maybe not… go on tribute and message me... I’m waiting boi.

If you enjoyed that and have followed my instruction to serve and tribute then check out Paypig Cashcunt Edged To Completion for a release. 

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