Paypig Cashcunt Edged To Completion

Paypig Cashcunt Edged
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Cashcunt Edged

So you followed my instructions and got here, or you just bought this and got here... whatever you did, you got here faggot and you know the value of pleasing me… hahahaha and now I want you to sit back and get your cock out for me, your tiny peepee cock is mine to own and use as I wish, and I want you to get it out for me now, so strip off and pull it out, and then sit back and listen carefully to what I want from you.

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Cashcunt Edged Hard

I want you listening to my voice like the hungry little cunt you are, hungry for my hands all over you, abusing and using you and my words raping your ears... now wrap your weak little hands around your cock and start massaging that faggot clit, all while thinking about me. You know how hard it makes you thinking about me, all that power, my muscles, my control, how I dominate faggots like you and use you for my needs… I have told you before what I do with faggot paypigs like you, I get you by the neck and throat fuck you until you cry, and then I force you to pull your wallets out and give cash to me, just so you can feel what rape feels like.

Now while you stroke, I want you to imagine a situation I recently put a paypig cashcunt like you in…keep stroking as you listen to me… I told one of my paypigs to meet me out the back by the recycling bins at the local Mall, and when it got there it was all excited, except the stupid cunt didn’t realise I wanted to rape it, so I told it to come dressed for dinner… hahahaha, the dumb faggot came with a bowtie on... anyway, I walked it to the ATM cash machine, had it take out $300 and put that in my pocket in front of another person waiting to take cash out…. then I walked the paypig over to the recycling bins, and round the back... I could see the excitement on its face... until I grabbed its throat and told it to drop its pants, pants around its ankles, its tiny peepee cocklet hanging out, I slapped its cock with the back of my hand making it wince, and then I pushed it up against the recycling bin entry flap, made it push its head into that drop off flap and stay there while I spat into my hand... pulled its hips out, spread its pussy cheeks and then slid my big cock up against its haunches... it cried when I entered it… fuking weak paypig faggot, but it got used to the pain quickly and I spent 15 mins nailing its asshole in that spot... until I emptied a big load into his dirty shit covered ass-slot.

Paypigs Stroking

Hahahaha I can see you jerking away furiously like the fagot you are... that got you hard didn’t it… well done paypig… now it’s time for you to pay.. lets see what you will pay to make me happy… ring ring ring.. tribute time bitch… make the deposit into my NiteFlirt account and let your erection subside... let’s edge that weak cock … once you have paid... sit down again… I want you to carry on stroking for me like a good boi.. there we go. You got that precum shining on your tip… that’s mine… I produced that.. and you know I produced that... so why don’t you rub that all over your shaft… get that cocklet all wet for me… and when its wet imagine me about to touch it... can you think of what that might feel like…. My big smooth hand running all over that tiny cock and balls... you getting harder and harder as my hand approaches... dying... aching for me to touch and massage your shitty cock… and then just as my skin is about to touch yours, I twist and kick you right in the cock... you squeal out of the pain, you feel like your dying as the heat rises up in to your balls... they must be bleeding… the pain is intense and my laughter is intense… I sit down next to you… my heavy hand on your shoulder… I whisper in your ear… “I told you this cock was mine… “ and I can choose to do whatever I want with my property.. even if that means I smash it to pieces... hahahaha then I stand up and drop my pants.. you can see my amazing ass and asscrack... I start to bend away from you and my huge cock and balls come into your view right in front of you... but the pain in your balls will not subside... so, I tell you to eat my ass as I slide it back into your face… I push my spread ass into your face so that your lips and mouth press directly onto my gaping asshole… feast on it… taste what your Master tastes like... breathe in my ass… cup your mouth directly onto my hole and then inhale... breathe in my whole colon and belly… suck in the smell and the juice... pray that I fart into your mouth… only if you’re a lucky faggot… now as you eat my ass hole… continue to stroke your tiny cock... and with your other hand grab my hanging shaft and stroke that fat meat up and down… using your thin bony fingers to caress my huge swollen balls… tell me what my asshole tastes like.. say it tastes like heaven as you stroke off your cocklet... now as you eat my ass… stroke my cock and stroke yours... I want you to stop, reach into your pocket and pay for the privilege of eating my asshole... my unwashed asshole.


Paypigs Eat Dirty Asshole

Hahahaha, I bet you were hoping to eat for free…. Well, nothing in life is free boi… hurry up and put cash into my pocket and then carry-on eating... I want you to get your fill of my ass as you stroke off... as you jerk off for me... you’re a growing lad and you need all the nutrition that you can get your hands on… and this asshole and asslip’s are the highest form of protein you paypig faggots can get…. So tribute and eat… my asshole is like your health food store…mmm I want to hear as you stroke and moan... moan louder bitch... each of your moans is a moan for me… you ache for me... let me hear it… you are getting close again aren’t you?  Well, this time... when your close... I want you to take out the $20 and have it ready… stroke to the end and when you feel yourself cumming I want you to throw the money on the floor under me… but stroke and eat my ass at the same time… and when you’re ready... throw the cash, big player… hahahaha keep going… let me hear that noise as you wack that tiny cock up and down… wack off for me… jerk up and down until you feel that ache… I want you milking that piece of shit for me... I am telling you I want to see your faggot paypig produce… what do I really mean to you… will you splash a worthy load in my presence... will it shoot out the tip of your peepee or will it be so small that it just trickles out the top... what will you do for me boi… impress me... go on ... lets get to that finishing line… rub it harder and harder… I want a wad of your cash ready and a dollop of your creamy cum, so get ready and be prepared to serve me as soon as you dump this dirty load, go on keep rubbing the tip, I see your enjoying that. I want to see your cum right now faggot, do it, spill your load right now, perform for me fag, perform for me, show me your useless load, show me your tiny load.... go on do it, do it now... 

Mmmmm well done boi, so you can follow instructions, you can perform like a zoo animal for your Master, well done. 

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