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Hi Master Mikey, I am one of your paypigs and I love giving cash to you, what do you enjoy most about Paypigs like me giving cash to you? We must be making you so much cash.


Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

The first thing to say is, "well done boi" to come forward and tell everyone that reads this that you are in fact a paypig, a cashslut, a humanatm is a liberating feeling. To know ones self is the highest order of self love, its the starting point of all great things in the world. You need to give your cash to me, its important because that is the order of things, you give and I take.

The first thing to state and make clear is that there is no element of need on my part, I have no actual need of your cash, I work in a very niche and highly paid industry and I am rewarded handsomely for what I do in my vanilla life. Its the power and financial freedom of my vanilla life, which gives me the time to spend my spare and travel time to conduct the fuckery and documentation that is required to keep this blog moving. I write these posts sitting on planes, and in airports between offices, and I love it. All other time I have outside work is spent fucking fags, as many fags as I can fit in between all the gorgeous sexy women I make time to see and be inside. Yes I love women too, I love fucking them senseless, just like I enjoy fucking squealing fags.

So, your paypig fag cash is not needed at all, but it is wanted for an entirely different set of reasons. 

Your Paypig cash represents your earning potential, your power, the essence of all your physical output in monetary terms. Your entire days, weeks, months labour is summed up by a number, the number you get paid at the end of the month, and that is your worth. I love when I see a paypig that is willing to stretch itself and tribute to a Master, its a demonstration of subservience, the likes of which are hard to rival. A paypig that is willing to put its money where its mouth is, that is a paypig worth talking too. 

Master Mikey Loves Paypigs 24/7

I love good honest subservient willing paypigs that enjoy and respect the art of tribute, the deed of giving to superiors, that which is owed to them. I want paypigs to surprise me with tributes 24/7, I want to know that out there in the world, some paypig logged into their laptop or phone and tapped numbers to send me their hard earned sweat and labour in the form of money and I will spend it frivolously in jest of that paypig. I get hard just thinking of the sweat of paypigs as they send cash to me. I love the idea that a paypig gets on its knees, presses its trotters into the ground, and pays its respects and dues to me. The paypig knows that it must serve the greater being, as the worshipper knows that they must lay gifts at the feet of the deity.

I am the all and the everything to paypigs, which is why they gift, tribute and honour me from all corners of this green Earth, showing me their never-ending love and admiration of the superior man. 


The Joy Of Being A Paypig

I know what tributes mean to you, its your way of showing your best, stepping forward and being counted as a slut, if not the best slut possible, giving and then giving some more, to rise, to shine and be seen by ME !!! 

The satisfaction you get from giving to me is a joy and an honour and I know how much you love it, so give and then when you are tired of giving, give more. Push all your limits until there is no limits to push. 

Paypig For A Master Or A Femdom

You can choose to give to any type of domme you like, but your joy will be halved, so step up and give to a Master like me, Master Mikey, show me what your worth little cash bitch. Give unto me until your giving causes me to look upon you, to stare down at you, to shine my light of life and love over your filthy cash whore flesh. Know that I will enjoy your cash and amuse myself in your giving, using each note and coin for depravity such as the world has never witnessed, all with your cash and your coins. You will enjoy watching me revel to the ultimate level in your cash. 

Bussy Boi

All You Yet To Commit Paypigs Come Forward

Stand up now, all you paypigs that are yet to be counted, yet to be measured by the sum of your tributes, stand up all of you and be counted. I shall number each of you by the sum of your tributes, so you each know the measure of one another. The least tribute shall be shamed and deflowered by me, as those that tribute most, stand by and watch. Step up now faggot paypigs and show your true colours, tribute as much as you can, and bring yourself before me, make yourself known to me, so that I can laugh at you and enjoy your cash. 

There are some of you that want to remain anonymous and still reap the astounding rewards of tributing me from the silence of the darkness inside you, away from the noise, you too are needed, so in your silence, tribute me, show me that you too can be counted, if not individually but collectively from the darkness. Your task is set, your goal is to deliver to me, all that you earn. Keep only that which you need for all but the basic sustenance of your life, the rest of your cash, SEND IT TO ME NOW !!



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