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What Is A PayPig

A paypig is so many things to so many people, but in essence a paypig is a person, man or woman that gives money and gifts in exchange for some internal gratification. More often the gratification that the paypig gets is not even visible to any bystanders watching the exchange. The paypigs gratification could be something as intangible to the eye as the notion that they are being useful to their Master , Domme or Mistress. A paypig is a giver, and sits at the bottom of the power hierarchy.

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Origins Of The Paypig

The Paypig is a concept as old as time itself. Since the dawn of time, when early man roamed the earth with early man and early woman, that early man looked for ways to ingratiate himself with the other man or woman. I say man or woman because in most instances paypigs are thought of as men that serve dominant women, but I am here to tell you that this is not always the way, and the number of men and women that serve me, as their lord and Master and pay me, like good little unisex paypigs, is large. I have male and female paypigs, and both give to me willingly and with all their power and finances, sometimes beyond their financial capability. Paypigs have always existed and always will. For as long as there is men or women that admire or desire another person, then there will be paypig behaviour. The paypigs in these instances use money and gifts as indicators of their willingness to praise and love a Master like me. The giving of money is the way they show their subservience to me. The giving of money is the way these paypigs demonstrate their position in society as givers and servants and as submissive and servile to me, the ultimate Master Mikey.

Identity Of The Paypig

There is no single type, the paypig can be male or female, old and young, it can be from any cultural background and religious or atheist, there are no social or moral boundaries to being a paypig. A Paypig is a lifestyle that anyone can adopt. The types and variety of paypigs that have come to worship me over the last 4 years is astonishing, some come to worship for the body, others the mind, others just want to be in the company of a God man, all are welcome. I do not care about the individual identity of my paypigs because the unifying badge of Paypig is applicable to all that are willing to tribute to me, for simply being me. I do not judge these paypigs, for I am all encompassing and enjoy my pigs equally.

I must never forget that a paypigs presence is to serve me and make my life better and more enjoyable as a Master, and these paypigs know that. These dumb paypigs take great joy in watching me relish their cash.

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Secret Paypigs

Paypigs are not always men that want to openly and obviously give money to their Masters, sometimes these paypigs want to do it secretly. Some paypigs are in relationships and being a secret paypig is their only option. I accommodate these secret sly paypigs all the time, and take from them as frequently as I do other paypigs. Most of my paypigs are men that sit in the younger 23 – 38 age group, as they are most willing to explore themselves and come to the realisation that they are less then they imagined and that I am more then they imagined. In this age group, these men are also coming to terms with their role and place in society, and hence they are likely to come to the understanding of their place in the hierarchy in this age group. Most of my paypigs are regular earners, working city jobs, and give to me regularly and with great joy. They love seeing pictures of me enjoying their cash, sometimes I will even have them come out with me, but they are not allowed to sit with me, they must sit apart from my group, and just watch and enjoy me spending their cash from a distance. Often these paypigs that get to watch from a distance will leave leaking furiously, cum dribbling down their legs from the enjoyment and fear of me smashing their credit cards. I love these kinds of pigs and enjoying raping their wallets until they cry out.

Another type of secret paypig is the older gentleman, typically in its 50s – 70s and with wealth or means to entertain at my level. These sugar daddy type characters that paypig for me always want to feel like the “sugar daddy” role, until I tie them up and fuck them into their senses, then they realise that I am an Alpha Lion and not some mouse they can intimidate or oppress. They always get put in their place and then I get to really enjoy them. I have been on yachts and luxury cruises at the expense of a couple of my wealthier paypigs. These wealthy paypigs like to maintain as much secrecy as possible because normally they are running multiple secret lives, wives, and partners around the world. I am happy to be a part of their journey as they beg to be a part of mine and serve me with everything they have.


Public Paypigs

Some paypigs relish the thought of being publicly subservient, and giving money and gifts openly and in front of an audience, because the glamour in their minds and the shame of being so submissive is part of the paypig play for them. The humiliation is often a huge driver for making paypigs want to give money at ATM machines or in public malls. I have had so many paypigs give to me openly in malls, where they watch me standing, and they will come up and kneel before me just to be seen to be serving me, it drives them wild. Other paypigs want to meet in carparks and at night because they cannot handle the public humiliation but still crave the private humiliation and degradation that goes with giving your money to a superior man. I cater for all these paypig cunts and I will take from them in all and any form they need. I don’t care what they have to do to give, as long as they give. A paypig is a paypig whether it’s on its knees in a carpark or standing as tall as it can in a mall queue, its serving me, and that is all it is, a servant to me.

I have fucked and cash raped so many paypigs publicly that sometime I lose all count of them. The paypigs are just walking cash to me, and nothing more. Even a paypigs flesh is temporary pleasure, if any pleasure at all, so I enjoy what I can before I discard them. I always empty their wallets first. No paypig should leave me full.

Paypigs Scorned

The worst characteristic of a paypig is that they often achieve a psychological sexual mental release from intangible forms of gratification, sometimes the feeling of knowing they have served and been useful to their Master, sometimes the feeling that they are being ignored by their Master, sometimes because they are seen as just a cash source for their Master, and other times because they consider themselves as elevating their Master. All these are areas that a Master like me often ignores, and this causes issues which could be avoided if you cared enough about the paypig.

The paypig is a human, a lesser human, but a human none the less, and no matter how much you ignore its feelings, and assume that it will take care of itself, it is appropriate to occasionally, infrequently pat the paypig on the head for something that it has given to you. This simple gesture can avoid the scorn of the paypig. The scorn of the paypig is a well-established behavioural fact, known by Masters and Mistresses across the globe. I can testify to the scorn of the paypig, as it appears when you ignore them enough, or treat them badly enough that they go elsewhere, they find a new Master, and they try to start a new life giving to another Lord, but it never works out for them. Often paypigs will falsely consider themselves to be the decision makers in their game, and decide to move on to another Master, but eventually they all come back. Once their pitiful scorn episode, and their miniscule inner rage dies down, they return like the ragged worn dirty dogs they are, and bow down exactly where they left off. When they come back in this fashion, I normally cause them additional grieve and agony for their trouble. The scorn is just another facet of keeping a stable of paypigs in check.

Paypigs Delivered

As you can see the paypig is a creature like all creatures, driven by emotions and needs, and desires, and the willingness to promote and sustain your life in ever greater ways. Take your paypigs by the scruff of the neck and ensure that you treat them according to their giving. Do not build emotions for them, they are beasts, and should be used, and used according to their capability. If they are wealthy paypigs then I strip them lavishly, and if they are poor paypigs, then I strip them brutally, but I am always fair, just like the ultimate Master that must keep HIS serfs alive to plough the land, so must I keep my paypigs alive to serve me. Sometimes to build the Pigs strength I force them to listen to the Pig Prayer which you can read and see how it enforces the pigs understanding of itself.

Paypigs Tribute

Simple, line up and send me tributes you paypigs... you know you want too, so stop resisting and get in line, show me yourself, and get registered to serve. For those of you that find this a disgusting line, I say, take a deep breath, allow your mind to rest, walk away, think, and when you are ready come back and tribute. You know you want too. 


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