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Paypigs Ache
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Paypigs Ache

I know you paypigs ache, I know you faggot, I can smell your desperation from a mile away, you stink of the need to worship, you paypig ache for me, and that is beautiful because I am the reason you live, the reason you ache, that internal desire you discovered in your life to give to superior men, that was put inside you by ME, hahahaha and I know what you are thinking because you are an arrogant little faggot, you’re thinking that this is all you, and that your desires are your desires, but there NOT!  Your desires were implanted inside you by real men like me, you watch real men, real Masters , young Masters with real power be what we are, you see us on social media, you see us on the TV and in movies and your drawn to the excitement of what we are , real authority wielding men, powerful and strong, and it drives you crazy, I know it does, because deep inside you, you know that you could never be as powerful, you never were and never will be this powerful.

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Paypig Always Ached

You knew it in school, you knew it in college and you know it at work, you see real men like me that just drip with power, you envy me, knowing all along that you can never be me. At 22 years old, I have the muscle and the mental power and the amazing confidence to get what I want that you still have not achieved at 35, 45, 55, 85, hahahaha you just have to get comfortable with the fact that some men are born different, real men are born different, Master Mikey, the Lord of Faggots and Men is DIFFERENT.

I Know You Paypigs

Let’s get to the facts of this, your envy knows no bounds, and the only thing that keeps it in check is that deep inner desire to be close to me, to be in my sphere of influence, my sexual attraction, the words that I write carve into your soul, and you know that I know you, wherever you are, whatever you are, whoever you are, I KNOW YOU! And the one thing that will connect you to me, is your tributes, and by tributes, I mean CASH, pure and simple. Your money is the thing that allows you to come before me like the peasant comes before the King. You can hope to give to me and that I might pay attention to you, and that is a worthy dream, but a dream none the less. Your task is to show me your true self, give to me, give it all, piece by piece, slowly draining away your resources piece by piece. You will begin small, taking unnoticeable amounts away from other tasks, and give it to me, and day by day your need to please me will grow, and as it grows you will continue to give to me. Slowly you will focus on your giving, and make sure that you give up other things in your life, take away money and resources from other areas of your life, this is not a game, it’s a choice that you will willingly make.


Master Mikey’s Paypigs

The strength of my character, and the knowledge that I truly exist in this world, the same world you live in, makes me a living GOD and you a worthless disciple, but always remember that you can have worth, you can have purpose, but you must focus on me to help you achieve that. This is not charity; you need this more then you know. Your future depends on this, your happiness depends on this.

Look into your wallet right now, and ask yourself “why am I not giving to Master Mikey?” and you will surely find no good reason, so remedy that immediately, click on the links below and give, tribute, send, put yourself before me, kneel before me with your cash, hand held out, head held down, on one knee, begging to be given purpose, tears building in your eyes, knowing that even as you give, and strip yourself of cash, you twitch so hard, because I Master Mikey have hypnotically aligned your sexual chemistry with your outstretched hand, each time you give to me, you will ache a little less.

Let’s Imagine Paypig

Imagine it, you are full, that unrest in your belly, that unrest in your soul, you miss giving cash to me, because even for those few moments when the cash leaves your hand and goes into my pocket you orgasm and twitch so hard, nothing compares to that feeling of release, and the slow eventual build-up again of that dull inner paypig ache. No one but me knows how you suffer paypig faggot. I know your suffering because I have seen all of you, all your paypig kind.

I know every way to strip you and to take away that paypig ache, and I want you to imagine how you would feel in these situations,

Paypig In The Mall

You meet me in a crowded mall, people everywhere, shopping, security guards, shops, shoppers, families, smells in the air, life is for the living and there you are, on a Saturday afternoon, alone, with a pocket full of cash to meet me on a cash meet, and to give everything to me. You see me arriving, dressed so smart, so sexy, so professional, everything you are not, suited, booted, designer glasses, expensive watch, cufflinks, I walk right up to you, tell you to sit down, ask how your afternoon is going, smile in your face, and then tell you that its time to settle your bill, you reach in your pocket, take out all the cash, I look at you scornfully, open my briefcase, you push crumpled notes into the brief case, I close it , get up , turn around and walk away, not another word spoke, you sit watching as my lean suited figure walks up to a couple standing alone against the wall, you see smiles and then you watch as that couple follows me out of the Mall, you sit wondering what else I will do this day, your life is empty , you can see my life is full of wonder and mystery.

The Wreckers Yard Paypig

You arrive early for your cash meet, there is scrap iron, broken cars, shouting and screaming all around, this is a working-class scrap yard, and your puny weak ass has no place being here, but your Master has called you to serve and so you must. You stand in the middle of the yard looking lost, until you hear a shout, its your Master calling you a dirty faggot cunt, you turn to see a group of young lads standing and laughing next to a car crushing machine. One of them leaves the group to walk over, a strong lad, muscled and bulky beyond your wildest dreams, dressed in a white vest and blue denim jeans, he walks right up to you, laughs in your face and then grabs your collar, turning to his friends to laugh and joke, you walk fast as he takes quickly to the side of a skip, you feel scared as he pushes you up against the cold metal of the skip, then he slaps you, tells you that you are a dirty fucking slag, punches you in the cock, making you bend over, then grabs your hair to pull you back up, now right in your face, he growls, “where is my money faggot paypig cunt!” You quiver as you give it to him, scared for your life, but hard as a bolt. He grabs the cash from your meek hands, slaps your cock causing you to bend in pain and then walks off. You stand in shame behind that skip for what feels like a lifetime, waiting for the laughter to subside before you emerge, to scurry home.

Paypigs Ache And Need To Tribute

I know that you are sitting there listening and twitching, because you and me both know what a faggot paypig you are, so stop wasting time in your worthless life and stop making excuses, this is what you are and what you are about, so serve me, now, today, this minute, and lets get to finding your true purpose as a little paypig faggot for Master Mikey. Whatever your doing, STOP IT right now and tribute, show me, show yourself to me faggot cunt, I want to see you right now, present your scrawny self to me, I shall determine how you are to be used. Hahahaha.

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