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Paypigs Life

A paypigs life, a life of degeneracy that even most fags will not have experienced. Paypigs live in a world aside from the one that most sexual deviants live in. You would be surprised at the amount of money given by paypigs on a daily basis around the world to Alpha Masters and Femdom’s.

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Paypigs Origin

I have discussed the origins of Paypigs before, but I shall again commit to what they are here and now. Paypigs are inadequate men, boi’s, subs and other types of deviants. These are faggots that for the most part never achieved their goals and went on to live the satisfying lives of Real men. These fags never quite met the mark, always wanting what they couldn’t have. So these deviants found a pitiful escape in serving, serving with the only thing of value that they possessed, their cash, their money, the material assets in their lives, because they themselves were worthless.

Three Tenets Of Paypigs

Paypigs give money and gifts to real men and dominating women in exchange for three things, attention, sexual release, and fulfilment of purpose, let’s explore each area now,

Paypigs And Attention

All paypigs need attention, because they are weak inferior creatures that have lacked attention all their lives, and I include the well off and sometimes even wealthy Paypigs that scour the world looking for real men and women to give their hard-earned money too. Attention is the focus of a paypigs needs because usually the paypig has not had it, not from its family, not from its friends and normally isn’t getting it from its current partner and this feeling of lacking attention drives the fag paypigs wild. The one thing they want, attention which to them means acceptance, they are not getting. Then a Master like me, a Real man comes along, and they get the attention they crave, because when I see a faggot paypig, I know what it is, I know that it’s a human ATM, a cashbox for me to take money out of anytime I want. I can see a cashslut from a mile away, so when I see these worthless cunting paypigs, I focus in on them, so that I can understand them and drive a wedge deep into their faggot minds and extract all the cash that I want. I take as much as I want before I ever discard these faggot paypigs.

I use the fag paypigs need for attention to control and manipulate them for my needs. I will empty a paypigs bank just to leave it crying in a heap of its own shit hahahaha

Paypigs And Sexual Release

All these mutant fucking paypigs are desperate for sex, simply because they don’t get it. These paypigs are the rejects of life, the bottom of the pile and have been all their stinking lives. These paypig cunt’s were never called up to be at the party, or ever got invited to the prom, or ever had any friends that didn’t think they were ugly fucks. They have had worthless and sexless rotten lives, and the tension has built over the years. Being a paypig faggot just means that they can pay, to a hot woman or a Real man like me, and get their release, if I allow it, which of course I do, because I always want to strip these paypigs of more cash. I will normally drain a number of paypigs at the same time, as they are a worthless commodity item to me, so I do them in pairs or triplets, cash draining them hard and fast, and I will always keep them hanging, not allowing them to jerk off or cum, until they have paid me at least $50, sometimes $150 depending on the capability of the faggot paypig.

For me as a Master, it’s really important that I keep the paypigs in line, which means that I control their lusty needs and keep them tied firmly to the amount of cash they give, this often means that I will allow them to cum under a regime of humiliation, which can involve them having to jerk for me, in person as I laugh at them, spit on them, or kick and punch them, forcing them to cum as a broken desire, and nothing that they can truly enjoy. I blend that cruel humiliation into their release to force retrain their faggot paypig minds, taking even the pleasure of that orgasm away from them.

Paypigs And Purpose

Paypigs all have a purpose, even given that these broken faggots are a result of a broken society which allows all the rejects of social interactions to fall by the wayside. Even with that being a fact, paypigs still have a purpose and one that should never be taken lightly. Some paypigs and their adoration of the Real men and Alpha Masters that they pay, are a functional way for those Alphas to realise their position as authority holders. If the paypigs degeneracy were simply to sanctify the Alphas role amongst men, that would be enough in itself, but the purpose of paypigs goes further.

Women, especially femdom's who are claiming back the thousands of years of patriarchal control by disgracing and destroying weak faggot paypigs are also made stronger by having these weak faggot paypigs to prey upon. The femdom has no place in society if it were not justified by these weak broken shells of real men.

Purpose is key for the paypigs to maintain the balance across mankind. The paypigs form a worthless army of misfits whose job is to feed and sustain Real men.

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Paypigs Satisfaction

You may ask what real fulfilment beyond the three tenets, what satisfaction a Paypig gets in giving cash to a Real God like Alpha, because most times paypigs are not consciously seeking the three tenets, those are simply the identifiable aims. The answer is almost always a release, a release of pressure. The release, mental, physical and spiritual in knowing that one’s purpose is met, and that one is giving back to the world, all that it can. This is a feeling which nature drives through paypigs, without their knowing. So as the paypigs feel cum shooting through their pink clitted cocks, all they feel is orgasm, but really they have fulfilled natures desire to sustain and grow the Alphas, the Real Men, the Masters of the world.

Are You A Paypig

Now ask yourself faggot, look within, do you feel good when you buy drinks… food... give to women or men like me, feel proud to say your one of my fags, look for ways to make me happy. Do you get butterflies thinking about my awesome power, and how I take what I want and destroy what I dislike, does that power scare you stiff, literally so stiff that you find your clit cock erect whenever you think of me? Do you feel the need to search your wallet for cards and cash in case you bump into me, or in case I ask you to come and meet me, are you always wanting to be prepared to be drained by me, do these feelings surge through you even when you are with your family, playing happy families? All these things are signs that you are a faggot paypig, and that you would do well to serve beneath me, and give to me all that I desire.

Not all men get these feelings, so consider yourself blessed, and fall into line before me faggot, I shall use and abuse you as nature intended, and when I am done, I vow to discard you with honour, such is my role and position to do so.

Paypigs And NiteFlirt

Step up faggots, you are here because you already speak to me, or because you have spent real-time with me, or you are simping and lurking, too scared to step up yet, all of these are good reasons to pick up the phone and tell me your deviant desires, or get one of my NiteFlirt goody bags so that I can teach you how to fulfil your purpose. Come on, and if you are too scared to speak just yet, then tribute me and make yourself right with the world and with natures desires of you.

Paypigs And Master Mikey

Never forget, all you Paypigs are a divine gift, and hold a natural and important role in the hierarchy of men. A paypigs role amongst mankind is as the rats in nature, simply to be fodder for the snakes. If you were to remove all the rats, this would have a detrimental effect on the snakes... and hence nature nurtures paypigs amongst men, so that the Alpha Masters can sustain and grow at the top of the food chain, feeding on the paypigs and in-turn keeping their numbers in check.  

To learn more about the origin of paypigs read Paypig, and to understand more read What is A Paypig.  To fall into line and tribute me, see the links below and to learn more about this scum like phenomenon, type Paypig into the search bar at the top right-hand side of the webpage and you will see all the other posts about this topic.

Oink oink faggot paypigs.

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