Physical Abuse

Physically abused faggot
By Master Mikey

You enjoy power, physical power

Physical power turns you on because you have always been weak, mentally and physically weak. You imagine being in the presence of a powerful muscular tyrant like me and the thought scares you and turns you on in equal measure. Your right to be scared, because I would torment you. 

Just imagine being physically abused by me? Imagine me wrestling you to the floor and holding you helpless. There is no greater feeling of release then when you have to request mercy from your Master, under the weight of his body. Will I let go of my anaconda like hold, or will I make you pass out cold. How you worship me will decide your fate. 

I will wrestle and push you to your limits. Choke holds, and armbars will restrain you as I overpower you on the mats. When I have you in the most vulnerable position, I may decide to milk you or break you. If I milk you, you will not be allowed to cum until I tell you that its right to do so. If I milk you fully, I will have you making bank transfers until you are broke and helpless and only then will I release you. 

Hard punishment needed

Some of you fags are not fooled by mind play and need real beatings. I am at my best when beating you to a pulp, punching you right in the face until your lips bleed and your eyes swell up from the pain. I have no issue with destroying your ego as well as your flesh.

You think your a big bad motherfucker, until you meet a big bad motherfucker.

You walk into my presence and you sign away on paper your rights to legal recourse, you sign your agreement to being part of a play battle enactment, and within that context I will punch and kick the fuck out of you until you yelp with pain and delight. The only question is how far you are willing to take this. Do you want to be knocked the fuck out? if you do, then that is where you will end up. 

Whatever you desire to be overpowered, I am the master to handle it for you. You will fall in love with the violence I inflict upon you faggot. 


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