Pink National Treasure

Pink National Treasure
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Daddy To All Aspiring Bottoms

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This content creator is the best extreme anal exhibitionist on Twitter, and the internet. If you want to see the limits of what a male pussy, a beautiful boy bussy can do, the limits to which it can be extended, this is it. There is no anal gape artist that stretches to these limits. 

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Pink National Treasure Toy Sizing

You might think you have seen big toys in small tight butts but you really haven’t until you have seen the massive monster toys that Pink National Treasure inserts, rides and destroys. Huge black and white quadruple thick cock shafts, something the ancient phallus worshipping Indians and Mayans would be proud off, all being rode and rammed into a tight cunt hole.

This is insertion fun taken to the extreme, a bold, difficult to watch arena where only bussy titans like Pink National Treasure can possibly reign supreme. This bussy bashing is not for the faint hearted, you need to have a stomach of steel and guts of iron to withstand gaping savagery like this. This is top tier gape smash material.

Just imagine your innocent little bussy hole, virginal, never touched, never experienced the sweet warm caress of 20 plus inches of traffic cone sized dildo, lubed to the hilt and being slid inside with reckless abandon, now that is what I call bussy gape action 2023 style.

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Quotes By Pink National Treasure

Pink National Treasure updates subscribers and viewers regularly, with a routine "good morning pussy lovers! " sequence of tweets that set the tone and mood of the content. Below are just some extracts from this quality gape artist. 

Pushing Out That Perfect Pussy And Thong

Accompanied by a picture of a peachy perfect punched out pussy, showing from the rear, Pink National Treasure captions, 

Good morning pussy lovers! 💕 if that thong ain’t disappearing in those pussy lips- there’s more work to be done

and the view is delightful, a perfect tight thong lost in those pussy lips and ass, just waiting to be fished out. If this picture doesn't get your blood racing, nothing will. 

Pink Fist Of Fury

Imagine a hot over the shoulder shot taken from the ground up, staring straight into a fist in a deep pussy. That is a fucking hot image, if ever I saw one, accompanied by the caption, 

Good morning pussy lovers! 💕 anyone see my car keys? They’re not in my purse…

says it all as far as I am concerned, a fist fishing picture, of a hand shoved right up a boi pussy. 

Woodland Jaunt

Very few gape masters will take their action to the woods, but @PNTreasures is one of them, with the caption, 

Coining a new phrase “getting logged” With @Hugh_H92…

this is some full fist, forearm action in the open air, and looks amazing. 

Full Arm And Giant Toy Fucking

There are very few things that can be better then getting fucked with a huge toy and a arm, but this is one of them, down on all fours with the caption, 

2 is always better than 1 @Hugh_H92…

the combination created pieces that PNT is creating are some of the best gape content out there.  

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