Raping Fags

Raping Fags
Master Mikey @ FagLife.com

Fags Raped

Raping fags sounds… well very rapey, and let’s be honest, starting any blog post with something so incendiary is going to cause some eyebrows to be raised. As always this is an adult topic for the consumption of adults in consensual and agreeable relationships, so for the rest of you, leave the site now. Thank you and with that done, let’s talk rape!

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As a Master, I hear the topic of fag rape come up twice a week minimum. Most of the time fag raping comes up at the behest of fags that want to be raped. So many Fags associate a level of excitement to the concept of rape that it seems to have flourished in the fag gay and sub community. For the most part, the thought of being raped and used as an object is an electrifying thought for fags. Fags consider themselves objects and tools for my pleasure, so being raped and used by me is just another natural extension of that. I truly believe that all fags are here to serve Masters, and there is no questioning that logic. The fag’s purpose is to be of use to its Master, and make its Masters life better and easier in every way possible. Given that specific role, if the fag gives itself for being raped to a Master that is willing to rape and savage it, then I say it’s a good thing. Both parties are in total agreement that that violent sexual act that is about to be conducted is agreed and required.

I have a specific faggot that I will call John, and I have blogged about him before, because he loves to be fucked and raped by me. So many times, I have buggered him while his wife and children are in the house. On many occasions I have gone to his home under the guise of a workmate, only to take him out to the tool shed and fuck him mercilessly. So many times, I have raped this fag’s mouth with my huge cock, just out of sight of his adoring church going wife…hahahaha I have always loved that type of depravity, it really gets me going and excited. I know it brings out the devil in me, but these fags want the devil, they love the devil and they expect the devil when they come looking for me.

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Raping Fags - An Alphas View

Alphas on the whole agree to fag rape being a necessary and important part of training and nurturing dirty faggots. However, there is a growing minority of “sensitive” alpha Masters that believe the brutality and the disgust of fags, can be removed in the game and still achieve the same aims. I do not believe that you can possibly train a fag, if you treat it with care and kindness. The fag is a lowly beast and needs to be kept low and degraded, kept in its place. So as much as I do not like to disagree with my fellow Alphas, this is one area that we will have to agree to disagree.

Raping Fags - A Fags Point Of View

Fags almost universally agree that raping is needed and important. There is a distinction even among fags, and that is those fags that know a Master should be free to rape and pillage them, and those that know this truth, but are not capable of actually allowing it, so they will live in the fantasy of the truth, but never open themselves up to allowing it to happen in reality. I think both types are correct, because the fags that allow themselves to be ravaged make up for all the fags that are not being raped and fucked senseless, and the ones that are not, well they are living the fantasy of it until such a time that they might also allow themselves to feel the freedom of being manhandled and raped by a group of hungry brutal Alpha Masters who toss their flesh side to side and take what they need before discarding the fag’s used and broken carcass.


Raping Fags - A Sissy Point Of View

Sissy fags are a more delicate topic when it comes to rape. In my experience, of all the sissy fags I have trained and feminized, few of them were ready to allow themselves to be raped and pillaged, most wanted to be nurtured and cared for, which is fine, but not exactly what a Master needs at the end of a long hard day. There have been many occasions where I have finished up in the office, only to be chatted up on SMS by one of my sissy’s that has promised to come round and pleasure me after work, only to then turn up wearing something sexy, smelling sexy and then wanting to be treated like a lady. It’s the treated like a lady part that can be quite difficult for an Alpha Master like me, especially after a long day of trading and ass kicking, sometimes all you need is a fag pussy to smash, no words, no questions, no how are you, no nothing that involves the pleasure or concern of another, just pure hedonism, my cock dug deep into a fags boi pussy, deep to the hilt and lots of grunting like an animal, no concern for the pleasure or even comfort of the fag sissy in front of me. Its those occasions where the raping of a sissy fag would be so perfect, so complete, but in my experience the sissy fags are the least accommodating to rape fantasy and allowing themselves to be fully used and abused. Perhaps it’s their own concern and inner feminine dialogue which clouds their purpose and prevents them just shutting them fucking mouths and allowing natures Master to dominate and use their flesh.

Raping Fags - Master Mikey Point Of View

Rape can be a tool, an important tool in the armoury of an Alpha Master like me. Rape can be a thing so desired by a faggot that it thinks and dreams of rape all day and all night. Some fags are so entrenched in the rape fantasy that they will advertise themselves on public listings like craigs list, as available for use by anyone, just get to their address and find the fag tied up and ready to be used, which is a wholly dangerous practise and one, that even I , Master Mikey would not recommended to any fag, primarily because its dangerous to be so trusting of random strangers, and secondly because all you fags are mine, and you need to keep yourselves pristine and chaste until I fucking ruin you.

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