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Responsible Fags Owned
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Responsible Fag Ownership

This is a discussion for Alpha Masters that already own a fag or intend to own a fag in the near future. First and foremost, you must always remember that a faggot is an object which is there for your use as a Master. The fag will be a plaything for you, and an item that will tend to your needs and desires without ever injecting any of its own needs. It is there for you.

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When you take on the ownership of a fag, you are essentially taking into your home and life, a burden, the fag will rarely ever be able to stand alone or exist alone, it needs Alpha Masters to have meaning in its life, so you are giving that fag a purpose and meaning for its existence. This is an ideal scenario for Masters that can control and manage their fags on a daily basis, in person or remotely, but it’s definitely not ideal for Alpha Masters that do not have the time to manage daily. From my experience the maintenance costs of most fags, certainly in terms of time, are very high. The owned fag will beg for your attention and time constantly. It needs constant validation of its purpose and will beg and pester you constantly. As an Alpha you must be prepared to manage these continual and constant demands from the owned fag. If you do not have the time to manage the incoming requests, then do not go the route of owning a fag totally. In a previous post I mentioned 2 models of operation, a COP and a POP model which you can read about here. You will have to decide which of these 2 models work best for you, or maybe neither. If neither model suits you, then you are heading into the territory of free running fags or Unowned Fags, which I discuss in the post about unowned fags.

Owned Fag Maintenance

When you own a fag, one of the most important elements is keeping the fag clean and disease free. This sounds like an easy task, but its not so easy when you consider that the fag is by nature a filthy degenerate beast that will take every opportunity to roll in its own shit and piss. Its critical for you to keep the owned fag clean because it will be serving you, so its preferable to have a sweetly perfumed fag around you, then have a wretched stinking fag heap in your home or office.

I have found the best method of keeping an owned fag clean is to stand it naked on your lawn and use a hosepipe to jet wash it clean and then leave it out in the sun to air dry. You can do that several times a week and be sure that you have a clean safe faggot whenever you want to use and abuse it.


Group Fag Use And Renting Fags

Some Alphas will rent out or lend their fags to other Alphas for gangbangs or parties. This is a wonderful way to strengthen bonds across an Alpha Master community. I have even heard of Masters that will package up and commercially ship their fags across state lines, but I am not sure whether that is real or just fantasy. It certainly sounds hot to objectify a fag to the point that you can just ship it across the country and allow it to be used and abused and then shipped back.

If you are ever going to rent out your fag, you should brand or staple a care guide to its forehead to ensure that its not sent back to you broken or damaged beyond repair. The best idea is to have these conversations regarding the care and use of your fag early, which will then ensure that when the fag returns, its still of some use to you.

The owned fag has more utility to its Alpha Master then other types of fags, and hence the duty of care to this creature is far greater. If you act as a good, responsible Alpha owner and generously lubricate all of the fag’s joints before, during and after fucking it, you should end up with a fag that lasts years.

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