Retweet Fag

Retweet Fag
By Master Mikey

Even useless fags can retweet for me

Your a useless cunt in every way possible, but me being the Master, I can still find a use for you. When all else fails, you can take on the role of a loyal Retweet Fag. This job entails you scouring the internet and using your socials to promote me while simultaneously degrading and humiliating yourself. Your a fag, you know that and so do I , so why not tell the world this. Stand out and be counted as a worthy retweet fag and a loyal servant for Master Mikey.

Retweet fags find me other fags

Well done fag , you got yourself a job, and a really good one. Soon as you finish your real world paid job, you will rush home and get on your computer and log into all your social accounts, as well as creating new social accounts and then you will promote me, put me on a pedestal and talk proudly about how you are my fag, and how you serve me daily. I want you to spend hours each day praising me. It will be a good exercise for you to kneel and obey me in this task as well as appropriately degrade yourself to family and friends, let them know what you really are.

Some of you fags will not be ready to announce to the world that you enjoy worshipping me and serving me, and that is fine. For those dumb cunts among you, you can retweet and praise me in secret, behind the backs of your friends and families. Those of you in this position will deceive your wife's, boyfriends and others, to praise me in secret, worship me in secret, love me in secret. Your affair with me will be even more sordid and lustful. 

Retweet fags stand up

You fags know that your lowly bitches and that you should really be tributing me money, your hard earned money, so this retweet task is really a stopgap before you can start giving me your hard earned cash. You can do this retweet task as a stepping stone to being in my good graces, so start today and perform this DUMB robotic Retweet function.

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