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Some amongst you are worshipers of the occult and in my last 3 years I have met and interacted with a growing number of devotees of Satan. Most of you fag deviants are simply enjoying the fetishization of this ideology, but some are taking it altogether more seriously. Several fags I deal with on a daily basis enjoy the idea of being controlled by a demonic super power and it plays into the mind control and hypno trance fetishes for them perfectly. In this situation, Satanic stars or pentagrams are the crucial faggot tool, turning seemingly normal fag sluts into demonic Satan worshipping whores that will do all sorts of crazy unbelievable things to themselves and others.

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Satanic Stars Faggot Ian

How do Satanic stars, pentagrams and all things occult, fit in with a discussion about Ian, one of my older fags who lives in the North of England and works as a site manager on a construction site, well let me tell you. Ian was a fag that visited me whenever it had company events in the South of England, and I originally met it on a very popular site where I realised that we were very much aligned in our interests. Ian was a faggot that liked to be sat on by muscular teens, and I was a muscular teen that liked to dominate older men who wanted young cock, I saw it almost as a service to fuck up older men. I would regularly have Ian round to my parent’s place and press it into the gym mats. I would press its face with my bare ass, hard into the floor and it would yelp with its cock twitching away. I would conduct sessions with it under the guise of personal training sessions, the difference being that it was only working out one muscle, its asspussy. Each time it came round, the sessions got more and more brutal and intense, until eventually I had it begging for me to punch it black and blue, which I enjoyed at the beginning, but soon began to dislike. I love battering faggots sexually, I mean who would not enjoy that, but there is a line which must not be crossed for sanity’s sake, and this faggot would venture over that line again and again, and the last time I had it round it was carrying a small black holdall with a Satanic Star emblem on the outside of it. That was the day I had to rethink how I deal with faggots.

I could see its black holdall, and it looked odd, but I didn’t ask it what was in it, just proceeded to throw it around my gym floor and then tug its pants off, eventually sitting on its face with my bare cock and balls spread across its face, I could see it was turned on and bolt hard, so I turned and punched it in the bollocks, its excitement turned to feverish pitch and it begged that I open its black holdall which I did and pulled out a 12 inch black cock dildo which was covered in Satanic Stars, pentagrams, horned goats and other Satanic emblems. The dildo was curved with nubs along its length like the knuckled, clawed hand of Satan himself. The top of it had a pussy hole, possibly for an Alpha to insert HIS cock into or even a hand. It was a thick 12 inches long, and tapered to a really thick base. This was no ordinary Satanic dildo; this was designed to gape boi bussy’s to their limits. I could tell that this faggot really wanted to be pushed out to its limits.

Fucked By The Satanic Star Dildo

I tied the faggot to the bench press machine, ankles tied to the lat pull down bar and hips tied to the leg curl extension. Its tight little cunt was spread as far as it could be, but not as far as it would shortly be.. hahaha. I laughed as I spat along the length of the dildo, and it squealed with excitement saying “no sir, use the lube oil in the bag” to which my reply was a “shut up faggot” as I continued to spit on the shaft of this demonic dildo. Once I had covered the length of the dildo with my spit, I touched the tip of it to its cuntlip’s, circling his bussy hole slowly, spiting directly onto his cunthole, it writhed with agony as I teased its shit covered cunthole directly and then it gasped as I broke the seal on its starfish cunt and started pushing into its smelly cunthole. I slid in and slid out, slowly building a momentum, and then I leaned over and held its mouth and nose closed as I slid in to it, it gagged for air as I released it to take a breather, Satanic Star dildo still buried inside it. I got up and sat down onto its face pressing into its cheeks with my cheeks... it was bolt hard at this point and I took great pleasure slapping its tiny cockclit..…hahahaha and laughing into its face.

Possessed By The Satanic Star

Fucking a faggot with a dildo is nothing new for me, and it’s the least of what I have shoved into a faggot’s cunt, but on this day, I felt something overtake me, internally, mentally, spiritually I felt myself being taken over by a dark energy, something stirred inside me which was so horrible that I shudder thinking about it, and I lost all memory of the event. I only found out afterwards what I did to this faggot by looking at the gym cam which is always on and recording. The last I remember is sliding the Satanic Star dildo in and out of the faggot’s cunt, and it moaning in ecstasy. What followed next could be something of a horror movie, and when I watched it back, I was truly horrified. At some point I lost control of what was happening, and my eyes rolled back like a shark, my posture changed to that of some demonic creature which then sat humped over the faggot. I punched the spreadeagled faggot until it cried, and then I ferociously fucked its cunt with the Satanic Star dildo, pushing it so far up the fag’s cunt, that at one point, the whole 12 inches was invisible, nothing but the string of charms which hung off the end of the dildo was left outside the faggot’s body. The faggot screamed with pleasure and pain as I smashed its bussy brutally. I clawed at the faggots clitdick and balls, slapping, punching, until it winced with tears, and then I continued smashing its bussy hole growling and clawing. I pulled at its hair and growled at it while it cried out loud "Master Mikey" "Lord of Fags" "King of Kings" and I slapped and fucked its mouth, pounding my thick cock into its head while slamming the Satanic dildo into its bussy. This ferocious fucking carried on for 25 minutes at a frantic pace. At some point the faggot screamed the loudest bussygasm I have ever seen a faggot have, and that brought the whole episode to a close. As the fag lay there shuddering in post bussygasm glow, I stood over it callously, arrogantly and without a word spoken, stroked off and dumped a load over the faggot, then walked off. The gym cam then flickered and the next screenshot, I am back untying the fag, going through the usual routine of taking the fags money from its pockets and then pushing it out of the door.

I do not know what happened on that occasion, other then something took over my mind, some Satanic devilish power took hold of me, and I ravaged the faggot mentally and physically. This episode left me with so many questions and so few answers. I have had faggots that say they worship the devil, that they enjoy black masses and calling upon dark forces to force the sexual deviancy to new heights. I cannot prove any of those things, but I can say that there are some things we will never know about, and on this occasion, I was controlled by something more powerful than me, something dark, something evil, and something that let me know it was inside me, and never leaving, something that could resurface at anytime it wanted. I know now that I must be on guard, a wrong word spoken, or a fags pleasure scream could raise Satan within me again. Fags beware when you approach Master Mikey.

Satanic Star Within You

All you weak and broken fags, all you faggot’s that worship Alphas like me, beware of the darkness. When you step up to an Alpha like me, you take a risk, and it’s a large risk, just as I was taken over by some dark force, so too can you be taken over by some dark force. Ian, my faggot, walked away from this episode, but maybe when it happens to you, YOU WON’T. Sleep tight faggots.

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