Short Master And Slave Contract For Fags

Short Master Slave Contract
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This Slavery contract is the short version contract, and the longer fuller contract with all the unique details can be read here, Full Master Slave contract.

Master Slave Fag Contract

Contracts of slavery are very specific and delicate contracts that can only be created and managed the right way if both Master and Slave are fully committed to the contract. A slave contract stipulates exactly the role of the Slave and also the Master. Reading below, you will see that I have some experience in this matter and over the years have changed my contract to finally arrive at this 3-stage short contract. Consider it a 3-step program to ownership.

If in life you are a fag that reneges on your contractual obligations, then these contracts are not for you. You will continue to float through life without committing to things, and our paths shall never cross.

Master & Slave Contracts are only for the select few… and below are the 3 steps or stages for consideration. Each has a monetary value and a assignment cost. The assignment cost can be a heavier cost then the financial cost.


You will agree to submit yourself to my pleasure both mental and physical. You will be subject to my every whim and desire at any time that I will choose. You will acknowledge that you are a Slave being. A BITCH, a PIG, a SLUT, a useless piece of flesh which has no purpose beyond that which I assign you. I will manage you as I see fit. Everything you own will be mine. I will be your first relationship, all else comes after me. At this stage I learn whether you are capable of being a managed slave.


Well done fag, you have demonstrated that you are able to fulfil all my very basic needs as stipulated in stage 1. You have shown that you can live under the peace and tyranny that I provide and exert upon you. You are now ready to step up to stage 2, marriage. This stage is where I blend more closely into your life and understand exactly what role you play in your own life, before slotting you into defined roles in my life. You will be active on a daily basis at this level. I will request task completion from you daily. 


This stage is not for the faint of heart, and only those that have reached here will know the feeling. I discuss this only with the lucky few – currently only 3 have made this level as of 26th May 2020. Slaves that reach this level are sworn to secrecy, and part of a very select group of slaves. Do not aim to get here like this is a video game, this level is serious, and you will be selected to apply for this level if you are right for it. - Alpha Masters Live On Cams

If you like my shorter Master Slave contract then show me. If you are a fag and want to kneel before me, then do so. Click below and tribute. I want an intro from you, not just your cash, so think carefully before sending. You must be worth my valuable time.

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