Should I Allow Master To Go Ass to Mouth?

Ass To Mouth
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Ass to Mouth

Fags Question

My Master always wants to go from my Ass to Mouth, is this right, should I allow it?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

I love how you term it your ass, rather then your ass pussy or your boi pussy, that is problem number one. Fags do not have ass, they have holes, hole to be fucked and acceptable terms for those holes are boi pussy, or ass pussy. 

You state that your Master wants to go ass to mouth, and I read this question wondering what the question is? Your Master can do anything he wants with your flesh, that is why he is the Master and you are the faggot. If your Master chooses to bless your boi pussy with his mighty cock, then you should praise the ground he walks on, give thanks and praises to him, he is almighty and always correct. You should hold your boi pussy open for him so that he can pound it with his big fat cock. If he should then choose to take that cock from your boi pussy straight to your mouth, ass to mouth, then open up wide, stretch your jaw as wide as it will open and smile like a good faggot. Let the Master stuff his shitty cock directly into your throat. 

Ass To Mouth Faggot

For the Master to go ass to mouth with you, he is blessing both your holes. Imagine he has taken his blessed big white cock, and pounded your ass pussy, his amazing cock is now covered with ass boi pussy juice, shit juice and any lube he may have used. He then pulls out of you, looks at his amazing cock covered in your fag juices, and instead of going to the restroom and washing himself clean, he chooses to stay dirty and bless you instead, by pushing you down, forcing your mouth open and then sliding into your throat to deposit all those micro nutrients directly from your ass boi pussy into your throat pussy. How amazing, you are so lucky, make sure you thank him well, and then shut the fuck up with your stupid fucking questions.

To all other faggots, be clear, your holes are for your Masters pleasure, very simple rule. Ass to mouth and mouth to ass are both perfectly fine, and heavily encouraged as forms of devotion. 

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