Should I Glory Hole Swallow

Glory Hole Swallow
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Glory Hole Swallow Is A No Brainer

Fags Question

Should I swallow at a glory hole or spit?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

A fag should always glory hole swallow, to not swallow is just plain disrespectful. Your Master, or random strangers have gone out of their way to find you, and dump a load through a hole in a wall, with no understanding of the kind of maniac that might be hiding on the other side, just to feed your need. That kind of faith in faggotry must be rewarded appropriately. Those strangers that line up to hang their plentiful cocks through the hole, are hero's, real men of substance, willing and able to charge cockhead first into battle for faggots mouths. 

Do your part faggots! and swallow every last drop of that cum that squirts through the hole. Drink down all that Alpha juice, and no matter how strong it tastes, you enjoy every last drop of it. Each slurp of glory hole jizz will enrich your soul immeasurably. The Alpha cum , certainly my Alpha cum has power, it has the power to transform you, and when delivered lustfully through a random hole in a wall, a glory hole, its power is further increased.

So go and be good faggots and swallow it all down. 

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