Silent Tribute

Silent Fag Tributes
By Master Mikey

The silence of being ignored

You deserve to be ignored because you are insignificant and totally worthless. You are not worthy of my time, so I will let you just sit there in silence watching me go about my business in YOUR home. 

There is a reason that everyone in your life ignores you and treats you like shit, its because you are shit, a runny brown nothingness. Sit down in silence in that corner like a small schoolboy told off by the teacher.. and just listen to the world go by. No one is giving you any attention, your totally ignored and humiliated. Even if you try and join in or open your mouth, I will slap it shut for you because your voice is not welcome here. Your opinions are not welcome, your not welcome, but you will follow my instructions and sit like a little bitch over there in the corner. 

Show me your worth by Giving To Me In SILENCE

There are many ways to serve me, but service in silence is one of the greatest forms of spiritual service. You will be noted as a deep fag slave, and treated as such.

Imagine the amazing feeling of knowing that you are creating surprises for your master. I will return to see the sums you tribute and be surprised. Reach deep into your broken humiliated self to find the sums needed to worship me. See if you can get my attention. 

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