Siren Call To All Alpha Masters

Siren Call to Alpha Masters
By Master Mikey

This is a siren call to all real Alpha Masters out there. Lets all stand tall with our Alpha privilege and the immense power that we wield in the world...

Know your place

You know what you are, show it to the world, and take what you need, because its all for the taking. Some of you have known it all your life, and others among you are yet to exert your Alpha powers. I found my Alpha power early, I knew how amazing my life ahead was to be, all I had to do was take charge and command loyalty from all the fags that came across my path. The power was within me, I just had to step into it. 

Speaking for myself, I was always able to smell a lesser man, a faggot from a mile away, like the feint whiff of a lesser stag in my nostrils. Its animalistic and raw, but its natures way. You Masters were designed this way, to rule all that you survey, so step out and take chances.

Be Bold Masters..

Next time you see a fag, take your time to investigate, but do not miss your opportunity to strike, a faggot’s purpose is also fulfilled when your Alpha privilege is fulfilled. Nature made both of us this way. If the opportunity arises to take a fag by the scruff of the throat, do it. Judge carefully that the fag is willing and able, and it will give you the signals that its receptive to being managed. Take the lead at that point and move into action. A fag always makes its needs obvious. Its for the keen eyed Alpha to take note and take charge. 

Master Mikey's Alpha Journey

I first knew of my privilege when I caught a guy in my neighbourhood looking at me. He was one of the neighbours dads and I caught him spying me in my tight t-shirt and denim jeans. It progressed to him making reasons to be near me, or at my parents house, always asking inquisitive questions about girlfriends, gym workouts, hard sweaty work, finding reasons to look me up and down. At our regular street barbeques I would catch him casually glancing in my direction, always looking away with a semi disgust and feigned authority which I knew that he did not possess.

I could tell that he looked at me and wondered why I was in his mind and I knew that somewhere inside his straight mind was an envy of me, something so deep rooted that even he could not explain it. It went from curb side talks to him asking me for help and wearing inappropriate clothing around me while working on his car. On many occasions he would be near me with nothing but tight boxers on, clearly showing me his cock and balls. He wanted me to see them and be impressed, but frankly he was a "small" man, and I knew that I was so much larger then him that I started to mirror him and really show him what a big boy cock and balls looked like. My confidence grew until that one fateful day. 

From that day forth, I knew I had power over him, and just as I turned 18, I made my first move physically into controlling him and forcing him to suck me off. He took so much pleasure from sucking on my young cock that I just knew I had him in total control from that moment on. Its a story that I will hopefully tell one day soon.

Now, 3 years later I am deep down that road of discovery, mind control, findom, blackmail, and debauchery.

Sparta needs its Alphas

Where ever in your Alpha power journey you are, this is your time to find yourself and take charge. From my experience there is faggots for all, so there is no need to hoard or try to keep your faggots safe and locked away. Each Master is his own island, and its for each of us to make ourselves the most powerful creature that exists.

The faggots will always be there to serve us, just be worthy of the praise and worship that true Alphas deserve, I know I am. 

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