Sissy Fag

Sissy Boy Fags
By Master Mikey

Sissy dress to impress

There is nothing hotter then a sissy fag dressed up nice and slutty for me. Tight dress, fishnet tights and high heels.....really high heels so you teeter about on your tip toes. I want you wearing nice sexy lingerie, so you feel really pretty and tuck that boy pussy away nicely. In the evenings you will perform for me on a pole, dancing the night away like the good girl you are. I might even let guests admire you when they visit or at special parties. 

Fucked like the sissy slut you are

I want you to know that when I get horny, I will be using you. I will be fucking your boy pussy. Sometimes this will be gentle and loving, and sometimes it will be rough and hard, but all times it will end with me discarding you until I next need sissy flesh. 

Just reading this you are getting hot and horny, because your such a little slut, and you love dressing up with your cute panties and sexy lingerie for daddy in the hope that I will fuck you. I will take sex from you as I need it, your flesh will be mine to use and abuse, and your holes will be for my pleasure only.  

Occasionally I will take you out for walks and to restaurants and bars for other men and women to admire and enjoy you. You will be shared. Your an object ultimately which I can do anything with. 

If you want to read about my first Sissy experience at university, check out The Sissy That Love Me.

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