Sissy Humiliation

Sissy Humiliation
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Sissy Humiliated

Sissy humiliation is the beautiful pastime of humiliating sissy faggots, and if you are lucky enough, using sissy fags to fulfil your needs in the process. A sissy fag is a fag with a penchant for dressing up as a woman, and expressing its inner feminine energy. Some sissy fags are really feminine, curvy, look ladylike and sound sweet, but others have face’s that look like a Pitbull chewing a wasp, and bodies that look like a darts player. Sadly, most of the sissy sluts I interact with are ugly as sin but still want to be fucked like they are Cindy Crawford.

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Cuckold Sissy Humiliation

I recently met up with a Sissy called Susy, a sissy in its mid-60s with a wife in her mid-40s with a body that looked like she was in her 30s. I met them through a friend of a friend, and they knew nothing about me except that I was a Master and Alpha Domme, and that I occasionally had done couples for fun, they wanted to be one of those couples. I met them in a bar where after a few drinks it quickly became clear that all she wanted to do was treat her sissy hubby like a right cunt. She was flirting right away, flashing skin deliberately and being a complete slut as her sissy hubby sat like a twat watching her being a slut in front of him, and from his expression he hadn’t got some for a long time, she had been denying him pussy for a long time. I would have fucked her on any normal day, but the simple fact that this stupid sissy faggot was being cucked so bad made me want to teach it a lesson but also smash this stupid slut wife of its.

I have always found something delightful about a cuckold, and the fact that its so fucking emasculated and weak that it can be dominated by a woman, that always makes me want to ruin the fucker. However, the femdom that is dominating is also interesting to me because that is a rival predator that feasts upon weak faggot men, and that I cannot tolerate, that I must overcome and destroy, so I always look to completely smash the slut wife that is cucking the poor faggot. It’s a way of keeping the faggot prey species in check, but also keeping the number of predators in control.

So, I took Sissy Susy out of that bar with its wife and headed straight over to a regular hotel that I use, it’s a classy location where no one asks questions as long as you are discreet. I fold a $50 note into the concierge’s handkerchief pocket before walking in separately to the couple. Its after hours, and the staff are on the lookout for overstayers, but they know me well and turn a blind eye.

Sissy Hubby Wears Wife’s Clothes

We get to the room, and as I tap the door handle to enter, I feel its wife’s hands around my waist. I turn and grab her by the throat, pulling her in and almost lifting her off the floor by her throat as I drive my tongue down her hungry mouth. Sissy Susy is right behind watching and waiting, but I pull its wife into the room and slam the door shut leaving Sissy outside in the corridor, then I drag its slut wife across the floor to the edge of the sofa and in one fell swoop I tear off her skirt and panties, leaving her gasping and shocked... I smile when I see the fear in her eyes…”so it is just play that you want? You fucking slut!” I tell the bitch to get up and open the door to let sissy in, Sissy walks in with a horrified by relieved look on its face. I know I will fuck this slut wife separately, and for a long time, but it’s time to perform now, so I get sissy to hold its wife’s hand and tell them both to walk over to the bed. I tell sissy to strip its wife, and put her clothes on, laughing as it eagerly strips her, almost as though it is taking back power from this abusing overbearing wife.

Fuck Fat Ass Sex Toy

Sissy clearly feels a little shame as it tries to squeeze into her panties and lacey tights, slipping her bra on. I grab a drink as I wait, and then I hear sissy “I’m ready Sir” to which I turn and look across the room. There in front of me is sissy all dressed up pretty with a skirt on, bra, panties, tights and its wife standing next to it, naked, completely naked. I walk over and grab its wife, and tell her “Do you mind, I am going to fuck your wife? will it bother you if I fuck your sissy wife?” smiling as I say it, I reach over and grab sissy with my hand as I am still looking at the wife.

Sissy Hubby Sucks Cock

Staring into the wife’s eyes, I push sissy down onto its knees, and tell its wife to ask her hubby to unzip me. “Tell your fucking sissy cunt wife to unzip me and lick my cock!!” I tell her, and she does it, instructing her sissy husband to open me up and start licking. I laugh into the wife’s face... “Look at your fucking stupid sissy husband, it has my cock in its mouth” I laugh as I tell her that, and ask how it feels to be married to a fucking sissy slut, not a MAN!!! Not a fucking MAN! But a stupid dumb fucking sissy and she tears up, so I slap her across the face, and she is startled, wondering what she did to deserve that, but I laugh and grab her hair too, “you are a little whore that has had its way, for too long” I tell her as I push her down to her knees and then clap her across the cheeks again, rocking her head, “now help your sissy cunt hubby suck me off I tell her.

Sissy Humiliation With Wife

Imagine the scene, a sissy slut and its wife, both down on their knees, sucking me off, you can imagine they were not thinking of this day when they said their marriage vows. I look down and for a moment I just enjoy watching them sucking, licking, slurping, pulling, stroking, just enjoying my massive white cock hanging between them, I can even tell how shocked the wife is at the sissy husband’s enthusiasm for sucking my cock. I am tempted to reveal that this sissy slut has sucked before, there is no way this sissy cocksucker is so good at sucking cock without having had some practise before.

I spend time slapping the sissys face with my meaty cock, and then I bend them both over the bed and ask them to hold themselves open, the sissy gapes just waiting for me, but I tease it by sliding into its wife first, and the wife screams out as I dig into her cunt, but I pull her hair and my pounding into her stomach soon causes her to scream my name, all the while, the sissy slut fingers its gape furiously, eagerly waiting for its turn. I switch, but stuff my cock deep into the wife’s throat before I slap sissy across the face and tell it to hold itself, then I pull the cock out of the wife’s mouth, tell her to lick her sissy hubby’s bussy hole, spit on it, and then lick my cock and balls as I plough into sissy. Sissy takes my plunge deep into it, screaming out a back arching groan, but then tightens up as I slide out, making the slide back in even more pleasurable. I pull wifey in close and tell her to watch as I pound the sissys cunt, back and forth, deeper each time, invading its cunt deeper and deeper.

Sissy Humiliated With Cum Dump

It only takes me 25 minutes of this brutal cunting to be ready to cum, and when I know I am within a minute of dumping cum into the faggot hole, I pull in the wife, tell her to lie on hubby’s back, and hold her legs up, then I slide into her sweaty shithole and empty my entire thick gooey load deep into her. Having grunted a load deep into her, I pick her up keeping her cunt horizontal, and then tell sissy to lay down on the floor, I then instruct wifey to bend over, cocking in a shitting position over her sissy faggot husbands face and expel all that thick load onto his face. She does a fantastic “Cum shit” all over its waiting hungry face, with cum oozing down its throat, up its nostrils, into its hair, down its chin. I pick up my phone and start taking snaps of this faggot laid out covered in cum, and tell the wife to go down and lay with it, covered in cum. Having taken lots of snaps for the family album, I go and have a shower in preparation to dress. I call out to the couple to join me, but I hear nothing, eventually I come out and notice they have left, a small note on the bedside table stating the words, “thank you”.

Sissy Humiliation With Couples

I have always enjoyed sissy humiliation with couples because it brings that dimension that I got with these 2, that extra horny angle. Sometimes these encounters end in kicking punching spitting and shitting on, sometimes they are not so civilised…hahaha.

Ultimately, a sissy faggot is barely a man, it’s a broken husk of what should have been a man, a real man, but instead it gave into all its weak feminine traits and now lives in a middle territory between living and dying a slow painful death of shame. In this sissy form, the faggot is game and open to the abuse, humiliation and enjoyment that only a Master like me can provide.

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