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Sissy Hypno Audio
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Sissy hypno audio is used to program and prepare starter sissy faggots on their journey to being full sissy boi’s. I get so many fags that approach me with the desire to put on a dress and lingerie and then to be seen as a sissy. These fags think that a bit of makeup and a dress is all that a sissy is, and they are so wrong. A sissy faggot is so much more then just its clothes and makeup. However, all good training programs are a mix of talking therapy for transformation, and also hypno induced cerebral implantation. In layman’s terms this means that I, as a Master spend time talking to my faggots about what it means to be a woman to them, and fully understand what they have experienced in their lives, how they feel and where they see themselves in this man’s world, wearing a dress. I then follow this up with deep sissy hypno audio induction whereby the faggot must wear a headset and listen to me whisper life corrections into their minds, taken them back from the present into their past, a form of regression where I take them back to a time before they became aware of the need or desire to be a woman.

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Each of you can decide for yourselves what you think it takes to be a sissy and why, but my version of the truth is that you need certain essential elements to be a true sissy faggot which I outline below. The desire to wear women’s clothes is not enough, that just makes you a crossdresser and that is fine, but then do not call yourself a sissy, to be a sissy you need to meet the following criteria which I have set out below. This is part of the talking therapy transformation, and the hypno induced cerebral implantation will follow,

Sissy Essentials

The sissy essentials are areas that must be met through discussion, preparation and sissy hypno audio induction to be called a full sissy faggot. Let’s go through each section one by one and you can measure yourself against these milestones.

Sissy Manners

A sissy fag must have impeccable lady manners. As a sissy fag you will be subservient to a Master or owner, and so you must be capable of being in that Masters company. You will have impeccable table manners, so that if the Master decides to take you out to a nice restaurant or hotel bar, you know how to behave, you are a lady after all and you must behave like one. Make sure you enrol in elocution lessons so that you are worthy of your Masters company and can add to his pleasure.

Sissy Clothing

As a sissy faggot you will dress appropriate to your Masters needs. So, if the Master tells you that you are to attend a formal dinner, then you will have the appropriate evening wear and matching jewellery, and if the Master tells you that you are heading to a club, you will again have the appropriate clothing to look the part and make the Master look and feel even better about having chosen to take you along with him. As a sissy faggot you are an object of desire, for your Master and most other straight men who will look at you and maybe for the first time think about having sex with you, you must be an object of desire as much as an object of intellectual power. You are there on your Masters arm to look good and make him look great amongst his peers.  

Sissy Sexualisation

You are a lady now, and you must perform according to the role. If the Master desires sex, you must make your holes available to him. However, you should always be looking at ways to make yourself better for his needs, and therefore there are several areas that you must become intricately accustomed to,

Cum Guzzling

The sight of a sissy slut guzzling the cum of its Master is something that a Master will treasure for a lifetime, so make it your aim in life as a sissy to show this level of respect and love to your Master. Make sure to drink every last drop of cum that he gives you, and or cum that he authorises others to give you. Be gracious in your cum guzzling, don’t dribble and don’t waste good seed. Your table manners will come into play here, so ensure you scoop up every last drop of that honey like seed and drink it down into your belly as it will purify you and nourish you in one sitting. Make sure that your Master watches the excitement and pleasure with which you drink his cum and ask him for more. Like any good dinner guest, you make sure you drink tidy and finish what your given.


Your Masters cock is one of the greatest things in your life, and you will worship it. The highest method of worship for your Masters cock is for you to learn how to suck his cock exactly how he likes. Make this priority number 1, as a good cocksucking, buys you the time needed to learn all the other areas that a good sissy needs. Use lots of tongue and cheek and lips, and make sure that your do not scrape with your teeth, and if you are unfortunate to have larger then normal teeth, consider having them removed for your Masters sake, an empty mouth is far more pleasurable then one full of crooked gnashers.

Asspussy Fucking

You are a lady now, so your Master will want to fuck you, and most likely this will be a regular requirement. You must prepare your ass pussy for regular action, whether this means you need to use sex toys, or anal fisting to open that ass pussy up, or simply make yourself available in public open-air gangbangs to be used by hordes of Masters, the choice is yours to make, but make it and be available and perfect for your Master. Ensure you always carry lube for your pussy, or learn to spit down into your pussy so that your Master is not left waiting for you to be ready for his pleasure. His pleasure is of the utmost important and you are simply a sissy faggot vehicle for that pleasure.


The last thing to discuss is subservience because being subservient and submissive to your Master is a very important point. You as the sissy faggot are an object, you are to be used, you are there for the Masters ultimate pleasure and so everything you do, and everything you say must be tuned to this final purpose. All faggots are subs and servants, but as a sissy faggot you have taken a further implied oath of allegiance to represent the feminine in all woman and to faithfully reproduce their capabilities sexually and mentally for your Master.

Kneel before your Master, every opportunity you get, and show him you are lowly and weak.

Praise your Master all the time, for he validates your femininity with his cock and attention daily.

Serve your Master in everything you do, for he is the reason for your being, and he will lead you to the place that Sissy’s call heaven.

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Sissy Hypno Audio Induced Cerebral Implantation

This is sacred process, and one meant for adults that have made the decision to transition into sissy fags using the hypno audio methodology provided. This is not something I can provision here, so for adults that want the audio version you can purchase it almost for free at $1 from my Niteflirt profile, but for those that simply want to read the transcript of this, see below,

“Sit in a quiet place, and be alone with your thoughts, make sure you have no possibility of being interrupted. In front of you place the things that you see as being connected to your sissy side, and those can be lingerie, panties, blouse, bra, anything that you connect with the female sissy side of yourself. Next put on the headphones provided and press play.

You will hear my voice deep inside the chamber of your mind. I am within you, inside the you that you, know to be you. Listen to the echo as my voice reverberates inside your mind, you are at peace now. I am here as your sissy faggot spirit guide, to accompany you and you on the final part of your journey across the river of your mind. You have lived until now as a man, and that life has served you as well as it could, but your real life begins now as we approach the shore of your new life. Listen to the sounds of the birds and the people in that life, they are waiting for you. You are a faggot, you are a sissy, you are a whore for men, you are submissive, and you shall serve men with your mouth and by doing so, your femininity will grow from within you. With each cock you please, your breasts shall grow, and with each asshole you rim, your hips shall widen. Each time your offer your asspussy willingly to Masters, there seed will impregnate you eternally. The seed of each Master will grow inside you, their testosterone will flow into your body, and overcome your testosterone, leaving you woefully short of male hormones, and this will begin your journey to womanhood. As a sissy you shall serve all men, but amongst them all you shall find a Master with whom you will share your bed, and he shall be the lord of your new life, and you shall be his sissy wife.

With each stroke of your Masters cock inside you, you will become pregnant with new energy, and new ideas and a new life, you will live as a Sissy forever. You will become a showcase to others, and you will glorify the teaching I have embedded within you. In your waking and your sleeping you shall glorify the name of he that showed you the ultimate path to sissification, and his name will remain upon your tongue for all your days, and his name is Master Mikey.

Inside your mind repeat the following phrase 1000 times,

Master Mikey is the Sissy Maker, and the Lord of all Faggots Femboys and Sissys

Master Mikey is the Sissy Maker, and the Lord of all Faggots Femboys and Sissys

Master Mikey is the Sissy Maker, and the Lord of all Faggots Femboys and Sissys

Master Mikey is the Sissy Maker, and the Lord of all Faggots Femboys and Sissys

Master Mikey is the Sissy Maker, and the Lord of all Faggots Femboys and Sissys

Master Mikey is the Sissy Maker, and the Lord of all Faggots Femboys and Sissys

Master Mikey is the Sissy Maker, and the Lord of all Faggots Femboys and Sissys

Master Mikey is the Sissy Maker, and the Lord of all Faggots Femboys and Sissys

Master Mikey is the Sissy Maker, and the Lord of all Faggots Femboys and Sissys

And on and on you shall repeat until the thousand are done, and when you emerge you shall hear a bell, and with that bell you shall awaken.

You have arrived, and your sissification is complete, you are ready to serve all mankind.”

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