Sissy Hypno – Trained to Serve

Sissy Hypno – Trained to Serve
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The sissy is a rare and beautiful creature wherever you find it. Some sissy girls are beautiful, curvaceous, smooth, pretty and everything that a sexy slutty lady should be, and some sissy girls are masculine and have broad shoulders and look terrible in a dress, but the one thing that stands out amongst all sissy sluts is that they are willing to give it all. The sissy with a hairy chest feels just as sexy as the silky-smooth sissy when they wear hot red lingerie and stand in the mirror touching themselves.

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This passionate approach to sexuality is the thing that makes me want to fill my faggot den to the brim with sissy fags of all types. You can read this post with the perspective of a sissy wanting to know how a Master thinks of you, or as a Master wanting to know how to treat a sissy when you meet one or simply as a curious bystander wondering what all the fuss is about.

Imagine, you a fag, subservient, curious and lustful, always looking for the next best way to climax harder and faster and now you find yourself on my doorstep, the apartment door looks modern, you were told that if you came here, you would find a dominant, an Alpha, a Master that is willing to take you from wherever you start to a place of sissy heaven. You heard that this Master named Master Mikey is passionate and destructive, sexual and boundless, will overcome you and your mind and inject such thoughts as you never thought possible, you were curious and followed the inner curious faggot within you, knowing you have reached as far as you could with other Masters, now you needed to go further, so you seek me, Master Mikey as the solution to your evolution.

You are right, I am the solution to your evolution, no matter what you are evolving from or into, I am the final solution for you. I use sissy fags like you and I train you and hypnotise you and I fuck you, because above all else I own you pretty little bitches.

The door opens and you are summoned in by me. You see my strongly built muscular frame wearing a navy-blue suit and dress shoes which tap the wooden floor as I walk in front of you toward the main hall. As we enter the opening you watch as I swivel and turn on you, grabbing you by the shoulder, the weight of my hand pressing down on you is overbearing, but you stand your ground, believing for now that you must show strength…and not the giggling sissy bitch inside you.. hahahaha little do you know what you have gotten yourself into… hahahaha little bitch. I do not utter a single word; I turn your whole body to the right and march you into another room which looks like a dressing room but in total darkness.  I stand behind as I push you into the room, its warm and musky in the dark, then the light comes on and you are standing in a walk-in wardrobe with women’s clothing everywhere, cocktail dresses, blouses, skirts, scarves, all types of accessories and jewellery. I press you down into a chair, and a lady walks in and stands in front of you, I whisper something into her ear and she kneels down in front of you, looking you in the eyes, checking out your face, looking you up and down, and then nods to me, I turn and walk out, no words are spoken.

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You sit silent as the woman works on you, putting on makeup, lipstick, shaving your legs, chest and ass, compresses and waxes surround you as the woman performs a beautification on you, you just allow it all to happen. You are surprised at what you allow, but not shocked, nothing seems to shock you since you started to find the more feminine sissy side of yourself. You try on outfits, it’s all a blaze of activity, sheer stockings, lingerie, bras, panties.. heels, its bewildering. From the corner of your eyes, you can see another tall lady, long legs with a beautiful figure walk past, closely followed by me, we vanish in to another room, from the distance you get to hear moaning and groaning and the moving around of furniture, it goes on for 30 minutes before you see me emerge and vanish into another part of the home. Shortly after you see a tall figure walk out holding a wig, moving less elegantly, holding a briefcase and hurriedly crossing the hallway, office trousers and shirt in hand, you realise it’s the same tall lady, but it’s a man, a sissy, but she looked so pretty... your mind boggles at what’s happening around you, then you hear the lady in front of you clamp shut a makeup case, and she stands gesturing you to stand up and look in the mirror.  You walk across to a wall mirror and staring back at you is a twenty something sexy very feminine young lady, no tits, flat chested with a beautiful evening gown on and black red soled heels. Your black stockings cling to your freshly shaved skin, you feel amazing and so sexual. At some point in the dressing up, you allowed the woman dressing you to pull up a tight G-string with a built-in cock tie and she has strapped your boi clitty tight up under your taint. Your hair has been put into curls, your makeup done for a late evening dinner, Smokey eyes give you that luscious lustful look, you feel so girly, so soft, so in need of being treated like a lady. You hear those familiar footsteps, it’s me, Master Mikey. I walk right up to you, bend over whisper in your ear, “Welcome to my home Sissy Claire, take my hand, lets go for a drive” and your up and in my hands as I glide you across the wooden floor to the entrance of the home, a car stands waiting outside, a driver holding a door open, you glide across to the car, and feeling so pretty you take the first chance to sit and then pull your legs in closed tightly, just like a beautiful lady, you feel excited and wait for me to get in on the other side.

The car whizzes into the city and all the while my hands rest heavy on your inner thighs, close enough to show ownership but far enough to allow you to think you might have a choice in resisting me, the Sissy Master. Your strapped boi clitty twitches uncontrollably as you think about what the night holds for you, and in your mind you are already wondering what it might feel like to accommodate me inside you, your eyes wonder down to my thighs, and you notice the bulge in my pants, I catch you looking and whisper, “Not yes Sissy Claire, all your dreams will come true… just hold… “ and then I lean over and slip my tongue past your wet lips and into your mouth, your clitty twitches hard as though it will break the strap as you feel my tongue exploring your mouth.

The car stops and we are ushered into a restaurant, some uptown classy place where we are led into a private dining area. A large table, 2 chairs, a private chef and amazing food, the courses flow, Oysters, Caviar, and Champagne , your mind is blown by the growing buzz in your head as the combination of oysters and champagne get to you, you feel yourself submitting more and more to my control, but you are also worried about what happens if I want to go inside you, all this food you have eaten, this could be a disaster, but my smile blows your mind as we finish up and you know its close to you being a transformed into a lady. You leave the restaurant and the the same car whizzes you and me across the city, this time I am kissing your lips, your neck, my hands are running all over your body, you are leaking profusely inside your straps, but your so horny, the champagne has built a raging desire inside you, you want to be a lady, you want to slip off your heels and dance for me.

At my home I lead you in and up the stairs, you walking in front of me, and me taking every chance to press up against your tight gown, letting you feel my big thick cock, hard and hungry for your holes. I push a bedroom door open and you find yourself in a boudoir, I lift and carry you across to a four-poster bed, I lay you down next to one of the posts, and using a conveniently placed set of silk ties I tie you to the bed post. You are now incapacitated, unable to resist me. You watch as I strip off, throwing my tie, shirt and trousers to one side... you can see my sexy body, you can smell it, and then you watch as I drop my boxer shorts and confidently come in close, letting my thick girthy cock lay across your thigh as I pull your face in and push my tongue deep into your mouth, caressing you internally, wrapping myself like a snake... you pull at the ties as you feel the cock strap pinging you, feeling like your boi clitty might just snap off between your legs. You are getting hot, and that is when I stand, hovering my cock in your face... and tell you that you will listen very carefully to me, and you will do whatever I want, like a good sissy slut you will obey me, I am your lord and Master, your Sissy owner.

Sissy Captions Hypnosis

I lean in your face and kiss your lips, then I sit down facing you, totally naked, I’m looking into your eyes, and I ask you to stare deep into my eyes, and I tell you that once you get lost in my eyes you will see messages. You stare intently trying your best not to look down at my impressive thick white cock. Slowly your eyes focus into the pupils of my eyes and you notice something, its blurry at first and then it clears as you see words, scrolling past from one eye to another, it’s the glare of a screen that is visible in my eyes, and your caught, sissy captions blow your mind and you keep staring at the letters scrolling past my eyes. You can make out the words, it says,





Your mind goes blank as you read the words, the lights in the room dim as you feel yourself slipping away, my voice becomes the only discernible sound in the room, everything else is vanishing, slowly slipping away and becoming the only world you recognise.

Sissy Hypnosis

You are now in a deep sissy hypnosis state, you can hear my voice, you feel a deep urge to follow each instruction I give, your desires are all fulfilled in this state, you feel totally in control even though I am instructing your every move. Sissy hypnosis has left you in a state of absolute submission, you are totally in a trance, everything in you has been submitted to my control, every last piece of you is now designated to serve and obey Master Mikey. You feel the hypnosis control I exert as I move your thighs willingly apart, I slowly remove your panties and rub my big fat cock against your tiny strapped boi clitty. In this sissy hypnosis you are unable to move or twitch, you can feel the urge to twitch, but the power to twitch has left you, you are incapable, so instead you leak, leak until your entire boi pussy is wet and sloppy, ready to be used and abused. I run my hands across your boycunt, turning you over and spitting onto your boy pussy and laughing. I trail my big fat white cock along your thigh approaching your asspussy I stop... letting it sit under its own weigh.

You are floppy and in such bliss that you just allow me to manipulate your body to my needs. The sissy hypnosis has captured your mind so deep, you feel lost, but safe in my arms and I take off the remaining bra and gown top. You lie naked before me, painted red toenails, painted red finger nails, mascara beginning to run. You’re in the best state of trance pleasure you have ever been in. Your urges are gone in this state. You watch as I suck your pretty red toes, and lick my way up your body, kissing and nibbling on your skin as I approach your ass, licking across your cheeks like an animal, hungry and ready to devour its prey. Your skin retains its ability to produce goose bumps, as electricity surges through you, my lips trail your body, and your skin bumps over, leaving you tingling but unable to stiffen your boy clitty anymore, your now completely hypno trance fucked and ready.

You feel it all, as I take hold of my thick cock, and start pressing against your boy pussy, you feel the tug of war between my cock and your pussy lips as I start to breach your pussy lips. There is no pain, just a world of pleasure, to you, it feels like you’re smiling as the saliva dribbles from your mouth in time with me entering you. You see the room shake as I toss you and turn you, rabidly tearing at your flesh, I am a beast, a man of war taking its prize, pounding into your flesh, my muscular body is everything you desire and I’m taking what’s mine in the roughest way possible. All your muscles loose, your pussy being smashed brutally, your colon stretching and bending in ways its never experienced, you feel a gushing as your bowels empty, covering the bed sheets in half digested oysters and lobster, fleshy and bubbly champagne covered treats from earlier in the night, none of this stops me from smashing your pussy, I continue beating your cunt lips, paying attention only to the surging orgasm building inside my powerful body. I am everything, and I am YOUR everything, blissfully aware in your sissy hypnosis you watch as I rise to the highest levels of orgasmic pressure and then pull out and press my cock against your chest. An almighty roar as I jet streams of champagne mixed cum all over your tits, neck and face. You lie unable to lick it up, cum splattering your face.

Minutes pass, eventually I get up off your hypnotically tranced body, standing up by you, I wipe myself down, then reach over, and I pull you by the hair, still unmoving, fully aware but unable to move, I drag your face across the sheets and lay it to rest in the shit piss and cum covered sheets. The last thing you hear from me is, “Now clean it up with your mouth, sissy slut” before I walk away. You have served me well today; you have learned to behave like a sissy. You have had your first sissy hypnosis experience, and you know well what to expect for the future of our relationship. You will dress for me, you will perform for me, and you will be a lady out of the sheets as well as the filthiest cum whore in them.

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