Sissy Hypno

Sissy Hypno
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Sissy hypno is the hottest way of getting a sexy sissy tranced and mind fucked out of its brain so that you can enjoy it. There are so many ways of getting the sissy into hypno state, some of which I discuss in posts like, mind control and fag hypno . You can also use audio which I write about in Sissy Hypno Audio. Whatever method you use or morals you have to fight with to encourage the sissy hypno process, DO IT! Because the results are so fucking amazing.

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Just imagine a hot sexy sissy babe wearing some lingerie, oiled and shaved on a large bed, with those sissy fuck me eyes, and bright red lipstick, which Alpha Master will not want to dominate and seed that hot little slut?  Very few. Imagine running your powerful hands along its body. Stroking its long hair, caressing its shoulders and complimenting its dress sense just before you slip off its top, pull down its knickers and then slide up inside its boi cunt. Those kinds of dreams do not come up so often, but when they do, wow they are hot.

I love sissy hypno for the extra sexual opportunities that it opens up for a Master like me. Hypno on its own is amazing, especially when you take a fag into a trance like mind fucked state and play with its emotions, get it to do things it has never contemplated, have it dance like its never danced before hahahaha. When you combine the hypno with a sissy faggot it connects 2 wild elements together to create a beautifully sexual storm.

Sissy Hypno Porn

Sissy hypno porn is a category of its own where sissy faggots dress up pretty and enter hypnotic trance states. I love filming and producing this type of porn with my sissy fags and then storing in my personal library of depraved sissy porn or uploading to the popular porn sites with captions as discussed in Sissy hypno training. If you like porn you will love sissy hypno porn, with its hypnotic visuals and electric captions driving your sissy faggot minds deeper and deeper into trance. I can tell you from experience that sissy faggots cannot resist it and most start to slide into hypno trance within 1-3 minutes of watching.

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Hypno JOI

Hypno JOI or jerk off instruction is a special type of programmed stroking, that you have to experience to understand. Recently one of my sissy fags visited me in a hotel room while I was working in Asia, and I sat the sissy down on the sofa, told it to strip off and wrap its hands around its tiny boi clit. The sissy did as I instructed and found that its tiny boi clit was barely graspable because it just would not enlarge enough to get hold off. It was then that I connected my laptop to the hotel tv, and connected to my private cloud sissy storage bank and started to stream some sissy hypno porn clips. The sissy began to twitch at first, then a little more, as I watched its tiny boi clit thicken, I encourage the faggot to start stroking its clit. My encouragement went as follows,

“Rub that little slippery nub baby, go on slide your finger up and down that shiny clit, watch as it grows and hardens for daddy, now run your hands across your chest and feel your nipples harden thinking about wrapping your dirty mouth around Master Mikey’s big fat cock, imagine how meaty that would feel, how superior you would feel with all that cock stuffed in your tiny throat…performing for your Master, showing off all your skills baby.. “

Then in the background I would fire up the captioned sissy hypno porn clips with thumping audio beats to channel the focus of the faggot to the visual and sound as its gulped down my thick cock. I would grab the sissys head and slide its throat pussy up and down my shaft in time to the thumping beat, slowly feeling the sissy fags throat pussy loosen and tighten until its neck and shoulders started to loosen as though its mouth had taken on a whole new detached purpose. Eventually, I would just be slamming the sissy face down my shaft, using it like a dirty fuck hole, no care for whether I gag or break it…. Just slamming my engorged helmet into its tonsils and the turn in its throat. It would take a few minutes of this before it felt like the sissy was asleep but actually it was awake in trance, and fully suggestible.

Once I had the sissy faggot in this hypno tranced state I would encourage it to stroke its boi clit, giving it the pleasure of a Masters JOI , but at the same time having some fun. I would get it to slam its boi clit into the sofa, trap its boi clit in between books which would make it scream in pain. I would do all sorts of depraved broken minded things to the fag while it was under the trance spell.

BBC Hypno

BBC hypno is big black cock hypno and for some Masters it’s a primary training method. Some Alpha Masters , and mostly the ones that are not black themselves will hire other Masters that are black to join in faggot training and especially when its Sissy faggot training. BBC hypno involves having the sissy faggot sit face forward while a big black cock abuses its face and torments all of its other bodily orifices. This type of racial play hypno can be deeply upsetting to watch or read about for people with a weaker constitution. However, its falls into the racial play category of porn and works well for training some faggots.

Some sissy hypno fags will take this bbc hypno a stage further and ask to be fucked and raped by the big black cock, and having giving that consent the faggot is normally brutally raped in line with their fetish desires.

Sissy Hypno Desires

Sissy hypno is a broad topic with lots of fetish areas and a variety of things that faggots want from the hypno experience. Some sissy fags want to lose all control to the point that under hypno I can do anything to them, including raping fisting and ravaging them physically. Other faggots want less then that, to be made to feel helpless but not actually helpless. I can accommodate whatever a faggot wants , because I truly enjoy sissy faggots, and I always will. Read Sissy Hypno Trained To Serve for more fun.

If you’re a sissy and a faggot, what do you like done to you under hypno?

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