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Sissy Training
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Importance Of Sissy Training

Sissy is a feeling and a way of life, a mode of living and an inner feeling. You can dress like a sissy, talk like a sissy, walk like a sissy but unless your heart is the heart of a sissy, you can never be a true sissy. The true sissy comes from the heart, it’s an inner heart felt feeling of femininity that scratches away continuously. Some subs and fags will feel this inner war for years, some a lifetime before they realise what it is that is calling them, that they are and always were meant to be a sissy.

Some Sissy boi’s find out by experimenting, others get told what they are, and some will live an entire life not knowing what they should have been. This imbalance, this inner sissy trying to get out must be dealt with, it will never leave and so this imbalance must be addressed by a true sissy at some point in its life.

This post is about sissy training, because being a sissy is actually a process of training or retraining the mind to listen to the sometimes-quiet voice inside, and helping it to come out.  Sissy training is about several key stages, as follows,

Sissy Realisation For The Lucky Few

At first you will feel the occasional pang of desire when looking at women, or being around women, and you may witness this as sexual desire or jealousy about some aspect of those girls or women. Sometimes this appears in early teenage years when surrounded by young women, and you may find yourself admiring their clothing, or their makeup or the way they do their hair. These are early signs of an enhanced internal femininity which most young men will miss or overlook. The lucky fags subs will check this feeling and analyse or explore further and uncover the origins of these feelings, and these will be the individuals that early on, will express themselves as fag, subs, femboys, twinks etc. I don’t give these designations as final destinations but as initial exploratory expressions and areas of interest. For true sissy boi’s these will be starter positions which will allow them to explore and play with their interest in more feminine behaviour and indulge in female pastimes like wearing makeup. This will be their realisation point from which they will head towards a life of a sissy at a younger age and if they find an appropriate teacher and the appropriate training they will go on and live successfully as sissy boi’s. However, sissy training is not easy to find, so many will still fall foul of a life missed and an opportunity to be a sissy, denied. Training is key for all sissy boi’s.

Sissy Realisation For The Unlucky Majority

Unlike the lucky few, the majority of sissy men and boi’s come to realise their true inner nature in the final quarter of their lives. These men have normally lived full lives as husbands, partners, lovers and fathers, and it is not until the quiet of the final quarter of their life that they have time to listen to that whispering inner voice. These I term as the unlucky majority as they make up the majority of the sissy fags that I deal with. For these unfortunate souls, a joyous life of sissydom has passed them by, but they make what they can of this final stage, and a smaller percentage still will actually live out this time as a fully realised sissy.

Sissy Hypno As A Sissification Tool

The realisation complete, they must move to the next stage of Sissification. The next stages I use are made up of several key areas which must be completed together as a single unit of learning. The following will explain more.  

Sissy Hypno

Sissy hypno is a set of hypno trance sessions which can be completed using video tutorials if you do not have access to the onsite situation, but the best scenario is the real-time in person experience where a Master hypnotist puts you into a hypno state and injects ideas and thoughts, principles deep into your mind. You are running the risk that the Master will also inject other more nefarious elements or triggers into your mind, but that is a risk that you must take if you want to go the sissys route. I have many descriptions of using hypno for sissy play such as Sissy Hypno Training here or Sissy Hypno Audio here , both of which are great articles and descriptions of sissy process and training.

Sissy Makeup

Sissy makeup is considered a staple of sissy training for most sissy boi’s and often this is the area that most femboys, twinks fags etc start as an intro to sissy. Ask yourself first, what is makeup? What is its purpose, well the answers to those questions are easy, makeup is a tool to make yourself uniformly pretty every time you choose to do it. So regardless of your underlying emotions or feelings you can make yourself look and feel the same level of pretty each time. Makeup can also be a disguise to allow you to be a different person to the one you actually are, so you can dress like a pretty young lady even when you are an old sissy faggot.

I have a team that I use when I deal with faggots, and this team just deals with clothing and makeup, because each faggot wannabe sissy has its own desires in terms of what it wants to look like when its Sissification is complete. Some fags want to look like a pretty teen sissy, others want to be a mature lady of leisure sissy and some just want to look like a street hooker sissy, to be used and abused. My team will listen to the desires of the faggot and then create an appropriate wardrobe and makeup to go with it. We then teach the sissy fag through extensive sissy training sessions to purchase more clothes in the type they want and also how to apply and remove the makeup styling they want to achieve long term.

For a sissy, makeup is another stepping stone on the journey of femininity. With each stroke of the makeup brush or dab of the concealer the sissy is able to transform itself closer and closer to the reality it seeks. Most sissy boi’s that I work with will try various looks until they find a comfort in a particular look. Some sissy boi’s will have a makeup they like for day to day, but then want a waterproof version of that look for any gangbangs they have planned. I take time to ensure that this area of the sissy training is done to the highest standard as the sissy makeup can really make or break the emotional attachment that the sissy feels for its feminine side.

Sissy Clothing

A sissy training programme must always look at clothing and the way the sissy intends to live its life moving forward. Some sissys just want to look pretty in private, but other sissy boi’s have plans to be fulltime sissy and live as a sissy in public, and therefore choosing the correct attire is an important part of a sissy’s transition to its new life.

Sissy Sex

No sissy training is complete without sexual training, and this is both the ways to be fucked as a sissy and also the activities you must engage in to be a full and useful sissy to a Master. Sissy sex is a full topic of its own which will be explored separately, but for now it suffices to say that sissy sex training is so important that without it no faggot can ever be a full sissy, and there is no such thing as a celibate or asexual sissy. A sissy must be sexually provocative and active.

Sissy Forever

Being a sissy is a mindset, and no matter which stage you find yourselves at, sissy training is key. The right Master, the right trainer will take you from where you are, to the highest levels of being a sissy, and guide you and give you the confidence to be your new self. For now, realise that you must listen carefully if you ever want to progress in this lifestyle, and take the time to listen to your inner self and save yourself from a life lost. Start living your sissy self today!

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