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Sissy in daily use

Meaning of the word Sissy

The word Sissy is used for a soft or effeminate boy or man. Sissy is a pejorative term and in common usage it is almost always a derogatory and disparaging statement to call someone a sissy.

Common usage for the word Sissy

Sissy or sissies would be used in the following statement

"Let’s see if he wants to play, even though he is a bit of a sissy"

“He’s a Sissy and will never fight you”

Reclamation of the word Sissy

The term Sissy goes back at least 100 years in common use, especially in male orientated environments like the armed forces. In the age of the internet, more and more people in the counter culture communities identify as Sissy's

Use Of The Word Sissy In

The word Sissy is explored in The Sissy That Loved Me in depth.